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Kid Surprises Godmother With Her Potato Pancake Recipe – Cooking With Peter

Chef Peter has his apron on and spatula in hand and is ready to cook up a special holiday dish.

On this episode of “Cooking With Peter”, the young chef will be making Potato Pancakes, also known as Latkes, from a family recipe handed down to him from Wally, his “Fairy Godmother”.

Watch for the big surprise when Peter invites Wally into the kitchen for a snack that he hopes she will recognize from the moment she is hit by the sound and aroma of potatoes frying in the skillet. Happy Holidays!

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Video Transcription

hi I’m chef Peter and this is cook withPeter and thanks for joining me Karine Ihave decided to surprise my fairygodmother body with them because I nevergo to her house she always makessomething new so it’s kind of oh therewas a way that you learn ityeah so I just finished up creatingthese four potatoes and we’re gonnagrate them now so true those who knowthat we’re doing this is a workout Iknow that’s why I told you to do ityes I see well you know that you owe mea money good day how do you finishtraining or gonna put our potatoes in abig bowlI’m going to juice my hands yes we aregoing to add two eggs and then we havethree tablespoons of flour[Music]should be able to not see any flowervictims of flower really stir it well Igot my water today now now that ourmixtures together we’re gonna go over toso that’s already has oily neck traumaskillet and iron these really don’t takethat long and it’s really good becausethis is why I might start a littlesuspiciousyou think what is going to love it ohyeah we’ll try to make some extrafurniture[Applause]okay so now the potato pancakes are alldone it’s time to surprise Wally this isfor youit is time to see best lunch I love hairfor a long long time[Music]it’s so easy just amazingalmost as good as a one value I thinkthat the Tara pancakes were amazingthere were definite success of winethanks for watching cook with Iran hope[Music][Applause][Music]you[Music]

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