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Kai Pathiri & Mathi Curry | കോഴിക്കോടൻ കൈ പത്തിരിയും മീൻകറിയും | Hand baked Pancakes and Fish curry

കോഴിക്കോട് ഒരു ചെറിയ ഹോട്ടലിലെ കൈപ്പത്തിരിയും മത്തിക്കറിയും ആണ് ഈ വിഡിയോയിൽ. നല്ല നാട്ടിൻപുറത്തിന്റെ സൗന്ദര്യവും നിഷ്കളങ്കതയും ഒക്കെ നിറഞ്ഞ ഒരു ഗ്രാമത്തിലെ രുചിയുടെ കഥയാണിത്.
A village restaurant that serves traditional Kerala cuisine for breakfast and lunch. The restaurant has no name for itself, but the proprietor’s name is Chandran. Let’s call it as Chandrettante Chaayakkada.
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Location of Chandrettante Chayakkada:
Near Kuruvattoor, Kozhikode, Kerala

We were there to try traditional breakfast – Kai patthiri, a baked rice flour pancake with fish curry. The food was simply awesome and the service was homely. We enjoyed the ambience, the food, and the hospitality at Chandrettante Chayakkada.
The fish curry (Kerala style sardines curry) was unique here. I was familiar with the Kottayam style thick gravy fish curry but here the fish curry was light and different. However, it was a wonderful combination with kai pathiri (handmade pathiri).
Oh yes, I forgot to mention… we did also try their fish fry (sardines fry). It was the best among all.
Prices of the delicacies that we tried at Chandrettan’s Chayakkada
1. Chaya: Rs.8.00 per glass
2. Kai Patthiri (Handmade Pathiri): Rs. 8.00 per piece
3. Mathi Curry (Sardines Curry): Rs. 20.00 per plate
4. Mathi Fry (Sardines Fry): Rs. 20.00 per piece

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Video Transcription

We are back in Kozhikode. This time we are a bit away from Kozhikode town.
Niyas told me that there is a nice tea shop nearby.
It is a small shop, a common man’s shop.
We have come here for breakfast.
Niyas asked me, will you go there? It is a small shop.
I said, what if it is small? Food should be good.
He said the food is good. So he is taking us to that shop.
We started from Kochi at 2 in the morning.
We reached here at around 7:30.
First we will go there, see the cooking. Then we will taste it.
We need to park our car somewhere here.
There are no parking facilities. We have to park it on the roadside.
Now we have to go by walk.
It is a narrow pathway, like those in the olden times.
It has been ages since we found paths like this.
This is something that gives us a real feel of our villages. Come on.
We have reached near that small tea shop.
We will go there and have food.
I will give the location details in our blog.
And I will give the link in the description below.
Let us go inside.
Breakfast items are being prepared. He is getting them ready.
Do you cook everything?
Curries are brought from home?
So he brings curries from his home.
Here, he makes pathiri and tea. Let us try that.
We are seeing the making of pathiri.
It is being made in the typical local style, like we used to do earlier.
First, rice flour is kneaded using hot water.
Then it is kept aside for a while.
When the pan is very hot, this is rolled and placed on the pan.
This is rolled with hands, placing it over a banana leaf.
Then it is roasted over the pan.
Do you remember the tea shops of olden times?
They used to play Akashavani (radio) all the time.
Here also we can hear the sound of radio in the background, while we have food.
First, let the pathiri be ready. It is being cooked on two pans.
When it is cooked, we will see what side dish they have with this.
This is a small tea shop, right in the middle of the village.
We can hear the cries of crickets.
There are plenty of areca palms and jackfruit trees around.
A few jackfruits are there.
With lots of banana and coconut trees, this is a lovely village. This is where the shop is..
There are only two tables here.
There are two benches on either sides of these.
Though there are only two tables, they are kept neatly.
We are going to try pathiri from here.
Fish curry is not yet ready.
When it is ready, we will try that. Now, let us have a tea.
I told Safaan to have something. I am very hungry.
Curry is being made. By the time it is ready, we will have pathiri with papad.
Freshly fried papadams.
And pathiri also.
Tea too.
When I told Safaan, he said he had breakfast from home.
Will anyone eat from home, when they are coming with me, right?
Very crisply roasted pathiri.
In my place, this is called orotti.
I am not very sure. Orotti is also made exactly like this.
My mom makes at home.
She rolls the dough with her hand, and roasts it on pan, like this.
Will you join us?
Why not?
You can’t say that.
I have ordered tea.
Then have one papad.
Very hot tea.
This tea shop doesn’t have a name.
But the name of owner is Chandran chettan.
So we will call it Chandran Chettan’s tea shop.
We already had pathiri and papad.
Now we are at his home. Here, fish curry is being made.
This is his son.
What is your name?
He is Dhanesh. He is making fish curry. Can we see that?
His son is making fish curry outside.
Here, his wife, Geetha chechi, is frying fish.
This is also sardines, right?
Not just kai pathiri, they have normal pathiri and puttu also.
We can have whatever we want.
If we come at noon, we can have lunch.
Lunch items are also getting ready.
Pathiri preparation is still going on.
Some are kept ready here.
I want pathiri and sardine curry.
That is what I ordered. Able wants to try fried sardines.
He wants fried sardine, and sardine curry also.
We have the gravy of fish curry.
This is different from the preparation in Kottayam.
This is more liquid, with tomatoes and all.
Let me pour this over pathiri.
I will break a piece of pathiri and have it with the fish curry.
See, like this.
Fish curry has the sour taste of tomatoes.
Taste of sardines and chilies also.
Pathiri to go with that.
How is it?
I am asking him how it is. He is the one who brought me here.
Fish curry has a good taste of coriander leaves and tomatoes.
As it is made in coconut oil, it has the taste of coconut oil too.
Let me take one piece of sardine with this.
I am keeping this inside and wrapping it.
The curry, sardine, pathiri, all together.
Sardines are a bit oily.
This is tasting superb.
It is not just nearby people who come here.
There are many who come from far, just to have this kai pathiri.
Lunch also.
Able, I am taking a piece from your sardine fry. Just for tasting.
This is too good.
We will buy one more. I will give another one to Able.
I am taking this one.
The masala on top of the fish tastes very good.
That is its main attraction.
We need sardine curry,
and fried sardines also.
Only then, we get that happiness.
So let me finish this pathiri and fish curry.
Let us end this video here.
We will meet soon with new videos.
Always be happy. Keep smiling always.
Be with us. Bye.
After eating pathiri, it feels good to have hot tea.

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