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If you don’t make pancakes like this… you’re LAME


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Video Transcription

I just saw these new magnetic lashes andI like them user issue in beta eatingpancakes the best I’m thinking the onlytiny thank you maybe you should everhave and if you don’t make pancakes likethis you don’t know what you know I willbuild a great great wall on our southernborder and I will have Mexico pay forthat walllet’s make our buttermilk we’ll make itto this little I’m going wrong cannotregular mouth business pancakes and Ijust came from the gym so I’m starvinghaven’t done much then we want to add 11fingers on grapes we can wat wormgarcinia combogia next to Papa[Applause]I’m gonna do is compile all theingredients[Music]put that aside is our milk ready yetcan you see how when I tilt it it lookslike it’s rotted milk see that it’spretty much ready guys so first step isthe milk Oh Leo gives a better textureso we add a little bit of flouryou’re gonna put less flour than youwant to do which some of you may notlike sorry for the full effectmy cakes dump the sugar in there thatwas a lot of sugar now you can do overplease okay doing that I’ll show youafter I put it you have to guess whatdid it look you know what it is yes youcan use egg white friars cakes and thelighting is not so great here butwhatever[Music][Music][Music][Music]yeah[Music]you

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