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How to make yogurt rice coconut pancake(Dahi nadia chaul chitou pitha)

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This chitou pitha is odia tradition odia famous pitha at odisha. This pitha is made using arua rice,yogurt,banana. Its made in all festival during chtalagi amabasya.
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1. Arua rice-250 gram
2. Banana-3
3. Jaggery- 100 gram
4. salt to taste
5.crush cardamon-4 to 5
6.crush black pepper-15 to 20
7.yogurt- 4-5 tbsp
8.coconut cut piece(nadia khanda)-1/2cup
9.Grated coconut-1/2 cup
10.Ghee to make pitha-2 tbsp
11. Crushed ginger-1 inch

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