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How To Make Vietnamese Pancakes At Home រូបមន្តរបៀបធ្វេីបាញ់ឆែវស្រួយឆ្ងាញ់

This is one of our family’s favorite food so I hope you can enjoy it at your home, too. Please let me know if you have any questions.

For this recipe you going to need:

– Bean sprout: about 1 pound
– Onion: 1 large
– sugar: 2 teaspoons
– Salt: 1 teaspoon
– garlic: 2 cloves-chopped
– Oyster sauce: 1 tablespoon
– Chicken flavor mix: 1 tablespoon
– shrimp : 10 large (chopped to smaller pieces)
– Ground pork: 1 pound
– Egg: 1
– coconut milk: 1/2 cup ( put too much it will make the pancakes soft)
– Flour: 1 package of 500gram of premixed flour
– Rice flour: 3/4 cup ( about 12 tablespoons)
– cooking oil of your favorite (I’m using canola oil) – Not recommended Extra virgin olive oil.

Fish sauce:
– 2 cups = 500 ml of water
– 1 cup of sugar
– 3/4 cup of fish sauce ( about 12 tablespoons)

You should boil the water and sugar first to avoid the strong smell of fish sauce and vinegar and bring to boil then let it cool down. You can keep this fish sauce in the fridge for a few months.
When serving this sauce, you can add chili 🌶, shredded carrots and roasted peanuts.

Music: Asagao by Asuka Ito.

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Video Transcription

Jameel Sewell hello everyone welcomeback if you’re new to my channel don’tforget to subscribe today I’m cookingone of my favorite food it’s calledpunch out in kamae or Vietnamese pancakethe lettuce in my backyard is ready tohave it but I’m only doing a pick theone that’s mature enough and leaving therest behind so that I can keepharvesting it for the next couple weeks[Music][Music][Music]first let heat up the oil add choppedgarlic and then fry it until it’sfragrant then add the shrimp and sugarI’m using the shrimp but the heads onbecause it’s give me that vibrant colorand the juice that I’m gonna add withthe flour mixture now adding the groundpork adding the oyster sauce chickenflavor mix Saul combine it well andcontinue to cook until the meat is fullycooked then turn off the heat adding theonion and our meat is ready so just pullit aside we’re not gonna fully cook theonion just let it cool down okay 500grams of this flavor I’m adding 3/4 cupof rice flour to make its first beer andthen the 8 1 8and I’m using half a cup of coconut milkthis also have with the Chris penis alsoand in 1 liter of water cold water[Music]okay the final touchremember the juice from the meat that weprepare using that to add the color andthe flavor then throw it away you seethe color it’s so prettyso with this package the good thingabout this brand is it’s already havethe turmeric powder and also have somescallion in it the green onion so youcan see it’s already changing the colorto a little bit deep yellow okay I’mready to make a pancakeso you can see this the flour mixtureit’s supposed to be a lot of yellow fromthe colors from the turmeric powder andthis orange color here is this above thecolor from the shrimp from our meatpeeler okay let’s get started[Music][Music][Music][Music]you can either cower or not cover thepancake it’s fine but when you noticethe pancake is dry like this it’s meanyou can now add the bean sprout alsooccasionally you can add a few drop ofoil around the pancake to make it crispy[Music][Music]so now our pancake is ready I’m going toshow you how to make the fish sauce youcan make this ahead of time you’re goingto need two cup of water and one cup ofsugar bring this to boil and when thewater is boiling you can add 3/4 cup offish sauce and half a cup of vinegar byboiling your sauce you can keep itlonger in the fridge for up to a couplemonths when you’re ready to eat you canadd roasted peanut and shredded carrotokay let’s test it my mom is helping mewhile I’m eating so you have lettuce putsome mint sorry I’m a little bit pickyof what I want I don’t like all the menbut only a few things that I likecucumber are so crispyhmm the pizzaand there’s also another way that youcan enjoy this recipe you can mix themin the bowl with all your watch the bowland your pancake your roasted peanut andadding the fish sauce and you’re readyto gomy dad always requesting a bowl hedoesn’t like to rap but my mom mymother-in-law and me we really enjoy thewrapping we feel like we eat more whichdouble when we when we wrapped it and Ihope you enjoyed this recipe and give ita like and share with your friends andfamily thank you so much for watchinguntil we cook again[Music]you[Music]

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