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How To Make Vietnamese Crispy Rice Pancakes – Vietnamese Cooking

This video demonstrates how to make Vietnamese crispy rice pancakes. These taste amazing and are a staple throughout Vietnam. This was filmed during a cooking course at Mai Home Hoi An on Tra Que Village. The ingredients can be found below.

– 4 tablespoons of pork or beef or shrimp(cut into 0.2cm thick and 4cm long pieces)
– ½ cup of rice flour
– 1.5 cup of water
– 8 tablespoons of bean sprout and spring onion (spring onion cut into 4cm long pieces)
– ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder
– 1/3 teaspoon of salt
– 1.5 tablespoon of cooking oil for each pancake.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]Vietnamese fried pancake boys okay sofirst in gradient to make the ricepancakes this is the whole family’sfamily as a family with okay so in thisbowl in this bowl I I have the readyhanky things and I despite that this wasthis one here in this bowl we have norice powder and mung bean among basecover yes so it looked in this oh yeah Ihave see the regular white rice you cansee the regular white rice and the mungbean this one to make this pancake faceright here in this bowl okayhere look yeah but we can make the ricepowder and mung bean powder for thepancake paste by now we have yes theneat soaking them in water overnighteight hours Phoenix and five cents if wewant to eat the rice pancake in themorningokay and I’m that in the morning we putwarm water inside and wash them yeah soyou can’t have this fall okay yeahtoday a modern day so we have this toolyeah yeah yes right I’ve no idea yeahit’s gonna get yes MikeI’m here to see we put the rice and mungbean inside okay with water reporterthat you have thisyeah and now I put it with spinny Anyaokay spring up again no spring on youguys yeah again the swing Anya see thislook how much better yeah I put inbigger this one from the Indus ball withthis amount of rice powderyeah we can make it three or four a fourpack yeah so if you go a massive effortso and yes here I put in 1 tsp yeahplease alright so yes maybe this is verywell look at this I am chief mixer ifyou needpancake mix mix it you know I am the manbecause I don’t want to make the mess Isee don’t be afraid when you mix anothersyringe get involved get in yeah yeahbut don’t worry way to like the pink youhave them for turmeric powder mixtogether okay so they make sure youfully folded that so you know you makeme happy about today is that a perfectyes right and now to make the ricepancake in the central Vietnam we makethe rest pink a with the small hand likethis 16 centimeter or your hands it’syes right righthow did you have a in DeMarcus you buythey’re like 18 or 20 yeah yeah thiswhole thing isn’t having a bigger oneeven they come down shower Vietnam andMike in a walkI don’t make it a walk yeah inin the wall pendant and the pancake isvery big I’ve got all this up into twoas well but this one yeah it’s goodenough for one person right destiny whenthey die yeah yeah if you eat otherPyxis like today if you if you just easethe pain a only you know sometime hereis local eat the pancakes only and theyeat more actually this one bigger than atablespoon so I I took one and a littlebit just a little bitso you basically this 15 seconds yeslittle bit of oil with about fennelMcKee yeah we get itoh my gosh would be very hot and whenyou see the smoke comes upready for you to put the chains okay Iwill give you the introduction aboutthis one as well we have pork yeahfurniture yeah rightOh Mary nice with garlic yeahshallow pepper soy oil that we marinateda definite about okay yeah yeah winupstream right here – yeah we married mesame with the poleyeah with garlic okay now you see hereoh no oil it yeah boiling and then Iwill much yeah I take one spoon and thenI really amI put this one side like this later it’seasier for you to fold it into half timeto get people ready on the hall rightand now okay you cook like this forabout one minuteyeah one minute with about Tommy circaHolly second with a high need like thisand then you know that he wasn’t here tome right now the pink a slight yeaharound right now the cameraman is Rightsee Wow see the color yeah okay yeahinside okay yellow from the turmericyeah yeah perfectokay now I know the heat yeah I knowyeahyeah and here we have beans raw andspring onion this is soy donít showjiggle-ator de Corazon okay inside thepancakes are trying yeah now the pancakeis almost ready a crime II could putbean sprouts and spring onion greensprouts just spring onions yes yes yeahexcellentright here we go let’s go and see thankyouI think either bitchy little bit highfaith isn’t it yeah you see now it’stricky yeah I said you know you know ifif you travel throughout Vietnam youwill see people make pancakes in manydifferent way yeah in differentingredients or something else and youcan put in with coconut meals or like inthe south of Vietnam you just put inwith my wheat powders or something elseokay yeah it’s been talking right yeahyeah so you will you will see thedifferent way in making pancake yeahyeah but here at my home I make thepancakes with rice yeah baby quite sweetI know it’s a little bit um it is verygood as well but itcoconut coconut milk yeah you know thatfrom from the coconut flanokay yeah man then you trust them to getthe white and a little bit no no no nono you have that the first one is giveyou the better flavor okay my pancakesnow he’s readylook is it crispy and stay dryyeah yeah you know why because it’scrispy okay yeah so you see here thisspace right I ate beginning at thebeginning I put in quite a lot of oilyeah but in the end the oil doesn’t stayso any speed less oil and then the planeface get difficult to get so avoidburning with pancakes which should be atthe criminal fern are pointed baby Ithink what we can do is just[Music]

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