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How to make the worlds best PANCAKES on the BLACKSTONE griddle.

PANCAKES. BLACKSTONE. WORLDS GREATEST. How to make the worlds best Pancakes. I show you how to make the best pancakes ever on the Blackstone Griddle. I use Kodiak Cakes pancake mix. I use whole Milk, because its the best. 1 egg. Mix the ingredients. Heat the Blackstone up, the burners are around 70% up. Start with the bacon, then the Pancake mix, next the eggs. Finished. Thanks for stopping by. Please Subscribe. Please Share. Please Thumbs Up me. Please Comment. Quality Content Rick.

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Video Transcription

and welcome back TCR everybody push astop by today on qcr we’re going to bemaking pancakes and bacon and eggs onthe blacks don’t wear it all outside I’mgoing to show you how to do it so wehave Kodiak cakes this pancake mix butthere’s only 15 calories per servingfrom fat on these Korea cakes two gramsof fat third grade of carbohydrates and14 grams of protein per serving it’spretty good so just opened it it’s kindof ripping the bag open I’ll take somescissors here snip the top powder don’tgo everywhere so one serving of thisKodiak cake is one cup so we got ourhalf cup dip it in here that doesn’tever work out right pull this back outthere’s a half a cup of mix 1/2 cupanother half cup equals one cup set itin there for now so we need to add onecup of milk so get ourselves half cupmilk and another half a cup aboutperfect so we’re done with that so whatwe do now is crank crank in there nowwe’re gonna mix it with our mixer allright we got this mixed up here so wegot our mix going everything’s mixed upso let’s go outside to the blackstoneokay everything go on so here all set upSarah got though our bacon on in just asecond yes sprayspritz it down real good fake it takesalongs to cook so we’re going to putthat on here’s the leftthree we’ll do our eggs when it’s closedfor the pancakes to be done[Music]these are probably the quickestmaybe I don’t knowmake it look like it’s doing pretty goodlet’s put the bacon over looks like it’sdoing really well so we’re up withpancakes on so we a couple flour a cupof milk 2 cups 3 and 1/2 cup cap 1/2 acup of batter there right there right inthe middlea half cup[Applause]hello manager pancake the kids that Idon’t have you have kids you can makecoconut your pancakesso let’s pancakes cook for a minutelet’s check on the baconthey can get in close get real closegot our fluffy pancakes right here manthat looks goodcheck the edges on you know when thepancakes are getting just about readyyou can see right under here start toturn brown out under there there’s a lotof bubbles in here so it’s not ready yet[Applause]keep an eye on those bacon[Applause]still hotter our skillet is 359 360they seven three forty four hundred outthere a little bit hotter right here allright getting pretty close to time toflip these bad boy let’s check it outoh it slides real nice what I want to dois slide it over spray the area then Iflip it – perfectOh perfect perfect perfectyeah perfect job on all six of those[Applause]nice fluffy pancakesBacon’s almost done about time to putour eggs on[Applause]I like my bacon crunch it snappy yeahcheck this – perfect let’s check thisone outOh put it on there huhgo over this right right here I’m gonnadrop our eggs[Applause]arañahey Ronna[Music][Applause]yeah purpose steady folks perfect helloperfidy in that’s more perfect in a roadall right so okay I get these oh goshhi bacons done well yep taken the gun[Applause]eggs are almost done almost ready we gotto put that bit of salt fine Himalayanpink salt sprinkle sprinkle dab rightthere a little bit of black pepperperfect perfectthat’s flippablelet’s see if they flip easy dad Oh[Applause]there it is[Applause]perfectthese eggs are gonna be amazingwe want to have a little bit of runningthis in him still so don’t want tocooked all the wayperfect let’s take everything that’sthat eat this upalright guys you know we’ve got to donow we got put some butter on it we’regonna use I can’t believe it’s notbutter look at there there’s a lid so Idon’t like to do is put a little bit oneach pancake right here on the top justlike that and then top that’s a lotthank you much[Music]look at thatthat wonderful pancake guys well what wegot to do now is add our maple syrupthis isn’t that cheap stuff this littlebar right here is about ten dollars it’scalled crown maple syrup we just stop alittle bit the twist-off has a cork init it pulls out bring you in closebringing a close don’t good that is guysright there on the Blackstone easy peasypoof can you cut it like that you knowthat all right let’s take a bite out ofhere let’s see what this big bad bitesgonna blackhmm oh really good science Baker nobetter so no no make it really goodalright so we have we have our getting ahat getting a shirt I’ll put a littlething on screen for a get Netcom let’scheck out these eggs egg right hereLumpy’s egg egg has also had a littlesyrup on it or panco so won’t be longhere pancakes are awesome too bacon isawesomethree eggs awesome a little bit of syrupon there a little bit of bacon on itthat’s just really good stuffI was outside getting it on my getting ahat getting a shirt making breakfast onthe blackstone easy peasybrilliant stuff guys give me a thumbs upsubscribe to my channel down here onthis right side of it and you’re reallygonna enjoy my videos share it with yourfriendsright here kisi are making good qualityfood look at that quality stuff now guyspreciate samba take care

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