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How to Make The Perfect Pancakes

Learn how to make the perfect pancake! Let us know if you decide to recreate this incredible recipe. Comment below if you would like to see more Cooking With Brody!

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Video Transcription

how to make the best pancakes well this
is it huh
so making pancakes pancakes you make
sure you want all you have all the
ingredients you need for the pancakes
before you start the cooking process so
obviously you need some pancake mix and
on the back its eggs you need 2 cups of
the original pancake mix which is this
stuff you a couple milk cement make sure
you got milk we got milk 2% and eggs you
need eggs a couple of eggs – Eggs just a
few eggs not too many
eggs you need eggs
and then they have options for like
ultimate pancake but we don’t fuck with
that shake it stir ingredients until
cool so yourself a bowl so I get
yourself a bowl we got a couple of bowls
for the bigger bowl smaller bowl and
measuring cups cuz you need those
stirring greedy until blended
just over the eggs so we got our eggs
and we’re just gonna want to crack a
couple eggs in our Bowl done next thing
I just want to we gonna get this that
open I need another egg okay yeah it’s
not cut any night
I live here where are the knives Oh
that’ll do that’ll do done all right
you’re not we’re not wasting any eggs on
this show well once you get your drying
your wet ingredients in there make sure
you get your eggs all up in there no
shells you don’t want any shells in
there we need some milk
so you get some milk in there there you
go yeah just mix it up yeah yeah yeah
that’s nice
it’s about the consistency that you want
your pancake mix
and we’re back so we got our pancake mix
here just using a whisk you can use your
hands but I’m just gonna whisk this more
air in it gets more fluffy helps get
them now let’s get everything mixed up
nice okay so if you like just regular
pancakes that means go for it
some people like put a little bit of
cinnamon and them mean we’re doing
chocolate chips baby so this is just
some Toll House chocolate chips you can
put as many chocolate chips in as you
want I like to use a lot I actually use
the entire fucking package we really
cook on this show up yeah I like my
chocolate chips got a little bit of a
sweet tooth if you know what I’m saying
we’ve got a pan back on the stove
warming up and make sure you want to use
some Pam so it doesn’t stick to the to
the pan because
what work reset okay so we got a pan on
the back heating up and you might win
the bid but you didn’t get your head use
no sticky to pan okay but up Coby so now
we’re over here Brett the stove we’re
gonna pan that’s been warming out for a
little bit you don’t want it to is just
gonna burn okay so remember Pam no
sticky pan she get some of that in there
so if you can see here you see how thick
the color that Pam is it went just brown
is almost as soon as I put it in the pan
see that’s how you know you got the pan
too hot so you just grab yourself some
paper towels just give it a quick wipe
down so get it on there
give your pancake makes it a good way
skip so you make sure everything’s nice
and gets to know each other we’re gonna
take a big scoop come over here and just
give it to the man yeah yeah you know
it’s not that the thinnest pancake mix
it won’t sell form a new nice circle so
you kind of coax it around a little bit
I like all the chocolate chips there oh
that’s gonna be good I like some pretty
thick pancakes so I’m doing another
scoop because why the fuck not we really
cook on this show just care we go yeah
and I would play the waiting game
so we’re waiting for this thing to get
done see how you can see the bubbles
forming right here and it looks kind of
dry almost that’s what you’re looking
for that’s kind of those bubbles is what
you’re looking for all around the
outside for it to be you know getting
close to done you know obviously you can
just take your spatula and get under it
and give it a little a peek oh look at
see yeah so she’s done she’s ready for a
flip Brody
ain’t nothing done ordinary around here
so we’re gonna give this the no spatula
bit oh I fucked up
I forgot the Pam stick into the pit
we’re rolling with it the show ain’t
we made pancakes
big beautiful pancakes it’s a lot of
babies so now we’re gonna give it a try
we got some some syrup what did you mean
I’d say if you want sir ya wanna put
syrup on it yeah how much a lot o so
let’s dig in where do you want to start
I was gonna start right here oh is that
actually an egg shell mmm no shells in
this one yeah
turn out in time
not bad at all who do use more hangs my
basil yeah my gosh my agree well thanks
for watching everybody
hope you like to see us well him make
some yummy pancakes they were so good if
you guys want to recreate this pancake
10/10 would recommend it so good just
follow the steps that he gave you step
by step and they’re so good they got a
nice little crunch to umm but I still
think they can use morning I think so
too but you can always use more egg

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