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How to make the perfect pancake#mamafloxy

1 kilo of flour

Six eggs

200 g of sugar

Medium cup of oil

One cup of milk

2 vanilla sugar

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to mama closetChina and if you want to see how Iprepare this delicious pancake staytuned and watch this video to the endthe CEO piece[Music]hi guys welcome back to my channel isyour one and only mama fluffy fuzzy forlife is everybody doing hope you guysare having a wonderful day wherever youare so guys today I will be showing youguys how I made this delicious saucezapfish juicy pancakeyou know I will making this blanket andmy children I love it yeah eating it thesame prayer for me yeah I increasing mymoney every monthyou know making me so happy you knowhoney I’m doing goodI said well I might keeping this recipeso myself why can’t I shake with mypeople so that they will receive thesame blessing I am receiving for mychildren then we also receive the sameblessing and how to make this pancakeit’s very very very simpleyou look very simple everybody can do ityou know I like doing my tips verysimple simple woman if you know thisbetter be very simple MA so everything Ilike to do it’s very simple so if youwant to know how I make this pancakesection and watch this video to the endso let me it should usually yet first sothe ingredients when I’m going to beusing for this video so so guys theseare the ingredients we are going to beneeding for the pancake first of all wehave our milk this is um this is normaltrip went fine milk and a music125 M so first of all we are going topour it insidethey blend the Missa that we need also Iam using these eggs and we need also allyear you can use water if you want but Iprefer oil as I saidI want my teams to be very simple andthis is 200 grams of sugar and this isonly oh yeah this qualifier is just forme to wipe use it to clean the fry panbefore friend Ajay wait to see I’m doingthat in this video and I also need somewater hard because I don’t want to usetoo much of milk and when I do I’m goingto make water console and also the keyof fields this is the flower I’ll beusing this is one this is flower andthis is one kilo you can see this is onekilo I’ll be using for you know dependson the quantity of the pancake you aredoing that is how you are going to dothe measurement so as I’m doing one kiloof flowers from using 200 gram of sugarI don’t want it to be too sweet becauseI’m going to give that zero and otherthings all those words are also sweet soI don’t want you to be too sweet youcan’t use more than that if you like toomuch on street team things so what I’mgoing to do not wait to shade into tosettle five go to blend 500 gram for andeach 500 gram I will be using factoryegg so like this dancing dancetell me so now I’m going to cut half ofthis all year this is vegetable oil weare adding 1/2 to the blender and seeand we’re going to be adding half of thesugar fine see when you’re adding 1vanilla sugaryou know if I also add vanilla hero ifyou have I don’t have this now so thisis for my half so we added more water toreach because I want you to be solvedand you guys we see the rest is notit’s very simple now we open the flowerand for half of feet inside you can alsodecide the flower if you want but I’mnot going to shoot right I just want topoint inside just like that because I’mgoing to be joined in a meeting to go toschool so this is half which is right onthe ground so right now I’m going toblend this[Music][Music]so[Music][Music]I love the sizzle – thank you[Music][Music]your life[Music]Oh[Music]don’t worry[Music][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music]so what is it guys[Music][Music]so guys this is the finish look at thepancake guys sweet testy it’s very yummyand delicious guys if you have not triedkeep it a try you don’t need to use themixer just use the blend out the mixerto mix everything is very easy so now wetracing it with some blueberry andembarrassed so all the berries thingsyou know and I’m adding this serum alittle bit of feed a little bit of theserum you can add honey if you likehoney you can up so let me do thetesting testing for you guys you guysknow I love testing testing are you guyslike it too so let me test it for youguys you guys see thathmm this is really delicious guys giveit a try and if you tried to give it tothe comment session I said I shouldshare with you guys the deliciouspancake I’d normally do on my kids likekids and I believe you will like it aswell okay see you next time on the grassand we one love garden

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