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How to make strawberry pancakes🍓🥞

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Video Transcription

hi guys – Emma showed you how to makestrawberry pancakes so let’s get rightinto this video so the first thingsyou’re gonna needing to make thesestrawberry pancakes is some frozenstrawberries but they don’t have to befrozen but mine is there’s literally iceon my fingertips um so then I haveBluebonnet butter you don’t have to getthis friend but you need butter for thisso then you’re gonna need some bandspray you can just pan skater can justuse butter flavored nonstick pan sprayjust get like a buttered it doesn’t haveto be butter flavored but mine’s butterflavored and it’s nonstick cooking sprayso when you make your pancakes it won’tget sick and it’s specifically made forpancakes or like any baking goods you’remaking like like cakes and then you’regonna use your complete cut pancake andwaffle mix buttermilk so yeah so I’m sI’m have to get the other agreeance solet’s get them right now so then we havethe two plates to put our meals in andthese two forks or if you want to hearthat weird person you can you go aheadand use spoons so the salt let’s startmaking this oh and also I got this so Ihave this bitch to help with me I’m hereyou gonna get my youtube channel by theway ok so we have these these stuff sowe’re gonna add a little bit of this sofirst do this cup with water pleasethank youwe’re gonna add some mix some pancakemix at the amount that you need or thatyou want the tell me whatever cup orwhateveryou’re gonna so I’m gonna be adding thisand I’ll see you in a little bit okay sonow we’re finished with adding thebatter in so then we’re gonna um we’regonna get some water add some we’regonna be mixing it you know what thebowl pleaseso like right now this is the bowl andI’m adding water right now and just keepadding water until it’s fully full sowe’ll see you when we’re doneokay and you have to keep adding wateruntil it’s like a gooey texture and justkeep mixing it for all the lumps to comeout if you don’t like the bumpsorry guys I got the radio part too soguys she’s gonna be here cleaning thespatula because we already finished withthe it’s already gooey and stuff so thenyou remember we don’t want to keep atyour fingers so please if you know howto cut with mineplease use knives I have this knife it’sa red knife and if you like it we got itfrom the chef’s store that’s basicallywhat it’s called so we’re gonna get somestrawberries okay the bad so you can dothis cuz you I don’t scared you’re gonnacut your fingers okay I’m always withthis cuz they’re nice really big andPlus this is really something becauseit’s frozen cut out myselfhe throws away you knowso just finish our breeze as you needI’m gonna put the right amount just forthis batter over to me just strawberrieseverywhere so I’ll see you when I’m doneso then right here it says on the pan togrease the pan so here’s the spray ohyeah just don’t bend it Eddiesorry for the background she didn’t knowwhat she was doingwe had the spray and we’re gonna put iton the pan but that’s enough and so wehave some spray that we’re gonna put iton there and then when that says we’regonna go put away the spray over heremmm strong then we did get our batterfirst we have to wait till this to get alittle chillier a little hot and thenwe’re gonna and then we’re gonna add thebatter so I think it’s about kind oftime to go at the book veteranso we have to batter and just wait forthat to be done and I’m gonna use thisto flip it and just like flip it andflip itcrease it a little bit Michael it is sojust like wait for this to be ready andthen when it’s ready to flip flip it andthen flip it again and then you’ll begood to goand that’s all so yeah we’ll show youthe finishing results when we finishflipping and then we’ll put it on theplate and some butter and we’ll be goodso I finished with the whole thing andthis is how it looks like there arestrawberry choice and it’s turned pinkif you want to be actually in the foodKorea to make a pizza so thank you forwatching bye and

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