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How To Make Star Pancakes 🥞

Today I’m making play-doh pancakes 🥞 and I’ll be making lots more sweet treats with play-doh thanks!

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my Channel
today we’re going to be making star
pancakes with now please like subscribe
and turn on post notifications so you
don’t miss when I make a new video what
you’ll need is a squeezer what this is
are not squeezed white play-doh some
like tarnish play-doh a star cookie
cutter a spatula a plate and lastly all
says play-doh with my thing you know
no farming’s videos doing the test drop
to see if I could do it grab your dough
now we’re only gonna make five pancakes
so got about half of your dough should
be good if you need more feel free to
grab some more press it down a slight
bit and then push with your dough
rounder and then start rolling it out
until it is quite wide we’re going to be
doing five pancakes well I’m gonna be
doing five pancakes you can do how many
you like the island
would you have your long beach strip
change the sign and start rolling again
yeah yeah anyways once your dough is all
rolled out it should be a very thin
pancakes grab your little cookie cutter
and mold one molten yeah you get the
because mold does mini-z pan until
you’ve used all your battery you can
fully properly make sure you get in
there properly properly get in there so
you can pull so you could pull out your
amazing that little Ratdog cutters your
little pancakes
okay look at this one okay then peel off
your dough just peel your dough off and
you should have five stars whatever
remaining dough is left just squeeze
that make sure it’s Ned and put it back
into your little next once you have all
of them completed start ruining them so
quickly I just put them all on my little
I still have them here they’re not on a
grill or anything they can still here
but we’re going to pretend that it’s on
the grill once you put them onto your
grill to make sure that they’re cooked
and flip them over
whit’s along the marker there we go it’s
up to do it for the rest of them and
slide it on try not to bend your
techniques cuz they’re still very weak
only the bottom is cooked okay now we
need this last one this last one is very
fragile okay here we go
make sure to flatten out your pancakes
not too much for just picture and then
slowly peel them off the back of your
make sure the dough does not go through
your snapshot okay start a little hot
take your little things and scoop them
onto your plate slowly they’re going to
be very hot so turn off the grill
and then start grabbing the pancakes
shut them over and put them so nice
slice them onto your plate okay what’s
he done that here’s the final step grab
a little bit creaming your tree needled
just a small bit if you want you can add
berries at the end but roll out here
wipe lay down to a longer greasy tube
grab your little squeezer and slowly on
the pancakes do a little puzzle of your
cleaning old little dose of creamy cream
to it make sure that your cream whipped
enough an actual Queen Bowl okay here we
have it my beautiful pancakes very
findable don’t actually should have
actually ate it once you’re all done
just support I’ll play the back in and
we’ll be doing more play down videos
when we’re done with this play the video
squish all removed our pancakes together
I’m going to be doing differences make
sure play-doh does not get stuck in her
we try to scoop out all of your white
play-doh because squish motion motion
motion ball that white play-doh and put
it back into
yeah once you have all of your white
play-doh put it back in the mold make
sure your time mixture oh yeah make sure
you don’t mix up lay those because that
can happen to anyone you guys for
watching don’t forget to Like subscribe
and turn on post notifications so you
don’t miss when I post a new video

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