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How to make Soufflé pancakes: Japanese Fluffy Pancakes :3 – No baking powder or flour

How to make fluffy pancakes without flour or baking powder 🙂

2 eggs
3 tablespoons of white sugar
2 pinches of sugar powder (optional)

Serving size:
Ingredients used in this video is suitable for making 1-2 pancakes (for 1 person)

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

making hello I’m Amy and today we will
be making fluffy pancakes Japanese
fluffy pancakes or souffle pancakes are
from Japan Osaka the famous fluffy
pancakes straight as the fluffy and
foamy texture souffle pancakes make a
quick and delicious breakfast or brunch
let’s get started with the materials for
your soufflé pancake you will need two
metal bowls that can contain over 600
milliliters a flat spatula a balloon
whisk a frying pan Anna lid and a stove
or an induction the ingredients need at
least our two eggs three tablespoons of
white sugar and two pinches of sugar
powder which is optional prep 2 metal
bowls and take two eggs out of the
refrigerator crack both of them into the
1 metal bowl but catch the egg yolk into
the shop so that the egg whites are only
left in the bowl place two egg yolks in
your hands and place your fingers close
to each other let the excess and quite
run through the gaps between your
fingers place the two egg yolks in the
other metal bowl was hanging the egg
whites in a metal bowl with your balloon
whisk we are aiming to make a meringue
out of the egg whites in order to use
them in our next step when whisking
whisking at only one direction since
switching directions of the whisking can
make them rank oily and not form
properly after whisking the egg whites
for around 5 to 6 minutes put a
tablespoon of white sugar and then
what’s the egg whites again after
whisking the egg whites and the egg
whites start to foam stiffer into a full
meringue stop whisking and to see if the
tip of your meringue holds the form of a
peak now carefully put your two egg
yolks in the meringue and thoroughly mix
with your spatula
place your frying pan turn and turn on
your stove or induction to its lowest
heat do not put any oil in your Frank
pan or you’re simply packet will get
oily place the mixture of egg white and
the yolk on top of the on top of the
frying pan and let it cook in a weak
heat while you cover the frying pan with
a fitting frying pan lid now I split my
batch into two because I made two
pancakes as you can see it’s not as
perfect or it’s not as well cooked and
brown and golden as the one you can see
on the internet but I didn’t have any
flour or baking soda put in here it’s a
hole deform so it might look a bit more
mushy and a bit more bright but the
taste is still pretty much the same as a
normal soufflé pancake so you can use
this recipe when you don’t have flour
and baking soda at your house and or if
you’re lazy to just get it from your
local supermarket
and I just sprinkled two pinches of some
sugar powder on my ready to go soufflé
pancake you can actually skip this step
but I just put it on there for a bit of
more sweetness and also decorates the
pancake really well and I know it’s not
that good of a shape or of a texture or
a color but it still tastes the same
now here’s your soufflé pancake enjoy

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