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How to make some HEALTHY pancakes

It is time for breakfast everyone!
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Video Transcription

this is going hey guys Virginia ringingstock back here we coming out you’veanother video it’s been a while but I’mback and better than ever and I justfound a really good health cleanse andI’m going to show you my favoriteversion of a healthy pan you excitedyeah literally every morning so I’m soexcited to show you this recipe the eyesand through so oh good okay let’s getinto the video the more sugar that’sbetter because sugar actually speeds upyour metabolism and then we’re gonna dosome sugar like whateverfor a little special instead of usingmilk I use salad dressing because it hasa lot of good like ingredients andnutritional facts like it has 120calories which is really good for you sojust probably this I’m using real bluecheese dressing by the way just take acouple tablespoons or so what am Imissing[Music]I’m it cilantro no this is true thoughI’m pretty sure the cilantro oh it’strue[Music]just chop it up with a nice[Music][Music][Music]because the sugar really is good for youso yeah and we’re now going to heat upour pan with some more wood cream in itso that nothing sticks the pan so somuch I just cannot even explain and youdon’t want just to burn so you’re justgonna so we just got our little whipcream in here and it’s looking like it’smelting up really nicely so that shouldbe good then we’re gonna take our batterand just pour in a pretty pretty good onthe out of it I don’t want them to betoo big but not just so that looks okaygoodhopefully it cooks right away so wedon’t have to wait very long but I’llget back to you when I’m ready to flipit okay so the pancake it is reallyalmost ready it’ll flip I think it mightneed actually one more second we’realmost thereokay we flipped it successfully thenjust take your spatula flatten it doneyeah perfectokay so guys we’ve just I think thepancake is done cooking like it’s stilla little raw but it doesn’t seem to becooking much anymore so I think we’regonna take it off okay so first meansyou get plate that was that was closeone we’re ready oh that is sizzling thatis going so yeah we just got to get thaton there really quick in this pan isvery hot so yeah and make the mixture onthere and we’ll just wait for that tocook successfully I will just get backto you guys when it’s ready see there’sa really good chunk of blue cheese inthat one I am so excited to eat that I’mso excited are youuh-huh yeah I know it looks so goodokay now I think it’s ready to be flexedso here we go[Music]why is smoking so much it’s good thatlooks goodlook at the color on that thing look atthat coloroh this one looks so good and we finallyfinished it it looks so good I cannotwait to peep thisoh my god oh my god okay we’ll be rightback shortly with the video to eat andI’ll prepare it so yeah we’re back so ifthe moment you guys all been waiting forit’s room time for me to try my famoushealthy pancake recipe just for a littlebit of extra protein we’re gonna add thewhipped cream just stuff perfect amountand that sound is everything that soundliterally I could fall asleep to thatnoise and then we’re gonna use thissyrup which is actually organic as wellas GMO free and it has lots ofpesticides in it which will be reallygood for our healthso just to let you guys know pesticidesare some of the best thing for your bodylike although people may not may notlike regularly think that like I havebeen doing lots of research through myBarbie dolls and we have figured it outthat pesticides are actually in factgood for you so thank you guys I’m gonnaput some chorizo on just for a littleextra flavor just to bring all theflavors back together and then we aregonna get a fork in a knife and we’regonna try it off so the fork here andthenyeah oh that looks amazingoh this is the moment so good you guyshave to try my favors healthy recipe atme and link me in your video that youmake do adding this and making the sameexact healthy pancakes I hope you guysall enjoy love you all good so good likeI ate it all

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