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how to make simple easy healthy flourless blueberry pancake, paleo friendly, vegan friendly.

Healthy flourless paleo friendly, vegan friendly blueberries banana pancake. This is pretty easy and simple to make.
All you need is :

1 ripe banana
2 eggs
coconut oil but i use olive oil. I didn’t have coconut oil in the house.
and maple syrup for your topping.

Thank you for watching. Hope you enjoy.

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Video Transcription

hello so today I’m gonna be showing howto make flourless blueberry pancake andpaleo friendly and vegan friendly so I’mgonna show it simple easy and it’sdeliciousalright so I’m gonna use I cut up mybananas and I have my blueberries sothat’s what I’m gonna use that’s all youneed and I use to a to a are usingorganic although I use my maple syrup sothat’s all you need and you can usecoconut oil of for the pan I usenon-stick pan but I don’t have coconutoil so I’m gonna use olive oil so it’spretty simple and easy so I’m gonna poura little bit of oilI kind of put on low I need to mix myeggs and my bananas she bit my camerathis bananahere I use really ripe bananasshall I turn this off not ready for thatyet so there is a banana so I’m gonnamash them mash them and so my eggs gonnago in another eggI’m gonna use my fork to mash the eggsin the banana together just stir it mixit you can mash the banana first but Ididn’t do thatso next two eggs first I would recommendmashing the banana first and then putthe eggs in and then the blueberries ifI did it all wrongit’s okay turn my heat you could put theheat low or medium whichever how youcook your eggs by medium so I mix themall together that’s all you need to makeyour flour list blueberry pancakeso I’m waiting for the pants get hotI’m just gonna pour[Applause]I was taking forever but gonna be worthit in the endhow my spatula

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