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How to make Pokémon pancake art

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Video Transcription

welcome to pokemons pancake art with meRobert O’Connor ever I drove oh pleaseleave a like to help me not get burnedbasically leave a like subscribe if youalready haven’t and without further adolet’s explain the rules of these pancakecarts for starters do this with a parentyou could get seriously injured and itwill not be my fault that will not takeany credit for doing any of this injuryOh No then we have to use materialslisted in here because if not it wouldbe false and we don’t want to use falseinformation now do we so without furtherado let’s get to the pancake art mixingand everything in this pancake art videoabout pokemonsyouokay so we’re back so basically what youneed is a picture of a Pokeball huntingthat looks like this if you’d like oneand then you need to draw onefons you will need some balls deep ballsone tiny one myth medium and one verydeep next you will need some foodcoloring chocolate and get on darkertype of food coloring that way you canmake it a little darker then you willneed red and yellow food coloring forthe pokeball net then you will need somepaper do we have the pancake and wafflemix in a full cup measuring and overhere we have two thirds of milk we havea cold or we’re gonna empty the pancakebatter into the colored or slightly asyou can see now that we are done usingthe : door go under now that we’re doneusing the : door you could see that ithas become extra fine that way it iseasier to mix it with the milk and nowyou get your wishthe remix we after we mix we continuesee though we added in chocolate andwe’re putting in some food coloringputting some we’re putting in some ofthe chocolate powder with the batter andthen we add some like I said a fewminutes ago now that we are almostcompletely done with the blackishcoloring it’s time to move on to thesecond part of the coloring which willprobably be red and yellow we add thered food coloring in with the batter orgo whatever you want once you’re donewith your red black and Roy white yellowfood coloring you put that inside apastry now we put the black I alreadyknow what to do you just put it in there[Music]then after we add the red which ispretty simple because we already havethe outlines are done so after the redyou put it again and well you’ll havemore than half of it down so we’ll seeyou back when the red is done now wejust fill it up the best part of this mymom writing my name see now actually youcould see it’s not perfect but what isin the video it took a lot and kind ofmake especially trying to you know getit right on the first try we messed upabout three times I ruined about threeshirts my script I will give to missKadena later today or maybe but yeah mebirthday but goodbye hopefully youenjoyed and my script is ending so Ihave to say bye byelooks like soup but it’s chocolate andgreen and pink oh yes they messed upplan B

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