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How to make pancakes with Priscilla

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Video Transcription

mama look at this look I love with the
girls today we’re making pancakes for
breakfast so we can go to school and
it’s Saturday so we can’t go to school
so no school today but but uh at Monday
no school there Monday to move in in the
bomb so don’t leave prison Chris leave
them alone because they don’t want to
talk to you
they didn’t think you’re actually so
don’t go to them and we have a new couch
a new rubber band the kitty cat the
fluffy one and a unicorns
yep so don’t eat cat in the unicorn cab
or both at the morning and at the fluffy
one tonight so good luck I mean look at
the movie mama look at the movie oh
there are watching bad movie that are
not the same size what
don’t that Krystal
down wasn’t moved out so let’s go ha ha
ha ladies may look alone because he’s
mean and bossy so yes you how I mix it
up with me so we can make a pancake
together they’re very good so we’re
making today so we have to look there
and see how they look
that’s the bossy movie the bhakti movie
that hair not their age their a doll
because they have to watch can you go in
seven years so they’re not listening to
us so do you want to see my new water
bottle kids
so so no more no less and you got a
prize for winning dump fly this here’s a
no no why well you’re gonna still see me
in no more mine because mama sings out
silly mama okay boys and girls so we’re
not done yet so I know bye
no no only when we go to school only
when we wear our backpack me on sale I
know that was so many mama now we can
make the pancake okay but nothing boy

20 Replies to “How to make pancakes with Priscilla

  1. Too cute & I love how relatively simple they are, not to mention perfect finger sized treats for the little ones. Your little characters are just adorable…little Miss has been pestering me about Halloween so it looks like these might be the perfect thing…thanks again Miss Natalia

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  5. The 2 purple ones with the red bows are exceptionally fabulous. Love them all. Great job, as usual. Every time I watch one of your videos, I always end up wanting to binge-watch them all AGAIN!!

  6. These are so cute! And I love the fact that I don’t have to buy new cutters–clever use of the simple rectangle!!!

  7. I love your cookie videos very inspiring! It isn’t too early Christmas! I would love your cookie stick designs! ❤️

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