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How to make pancakes/watch us cook




Hope you guys like this video

This is me cooking with my little sister

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my channel andtoday we’re going to be making pancakesfirst you’d want to get a 1 cup of flouron this protein as you guys can see I’mgonna hold my boxso yeah that holds the locomotionbuckling it up and then you add half acup of sugarlet’s pour in and next you just gonnamix it with a fork or spoon I mixed itwith the fruit cousin you can get it offeasierokay so we mix that up and then what wedid was we got our egg Greg you crackthe egg oh yeah we talked to it and thedeviled egg shells in it so we justthere shows up and we crush up the earthand then we saw obviously mix ittogether just a bitMilo sister help and then we you know wecan whisk it you wish I was focusing upokay so we were today as much as wecould and the flowers there but itdoesn’t matter because for living nowwe’re just going to coil fire bell nowif you keep adding pretty gets too muchI mean right now when we make sayeverything you need to do that’s howgood my harmony and haha but and youguys can see that we made like this andit should have ever so now are you likeyou seen my counters you need a CT okayso now I’m gonna unlike some butter andso I pick like I mean them save honestit like a little bit if you like thebottle would is Matthew now on and I’vemelted like it’s going on so once youput it on around the pan we were goingto get your batter and yousee I did and I loved my batter and thenwhen you gonna do you just gonna put onand if you would like to like I did justspread it around such a nice I’mstressing so let’s break up so y’all cansee like houses this on foot then justcovering the punch so yes let’s let meall right so it’s right now I’m gonnatake a little I mean do you think it’sbeing a little bit of time you can getvarious Bakula and just flick it okay sothere’s my cell phone and students aregreat but that’s what happens when youjust do again but whatever I’m gonnamake a move on take them you guys willbe able to see how I did so just mytechnique makes more ones feel a bitmore butter and every time I make himanyone so I’ll bring in and yes floursugar very goodso guys and that was if wetoday’s video hope you guys like it likeit share AB

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  1. Thank you all for all your support here on the channel, yes the channel is growing. Peace and love my dear You tube family. Remember you are what you eat.XOXO

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