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How to make Pancakes out of playdough

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Video Transcription

have to video and make sure to subscribeand hit the bell because today I’m goingto be teaching you how to make likeplaydough pancakes an excuse me I burpedso what you do is you have one or twoPlato’s I’m whatever color you want I’mjust gonna take this out cuz this isplay-doh slide I know it looks likeplay-doh when it’s play-doh snide whatis thisI don’t care I’m gonna use my couponokay okay so you open it you flatten itoutOh first you have to put your play-dohon a flat surface try not to get any onthe core and then what you do is if youhave something like a marker or aplay-doh ruler got a play-doh ruler aroller then just roll it out like thisor a different way I just heardsomething on the floor yeah why I lookeddown okaythen what you do you empty your play-dohnext to a space where is clear then whatyou do is with whatever size you haveyou put it on like this the way you dois you press against I’m just doing thisto show the camera you guys don’t needto like put up highgreatbut it’s easier to do what a flatsurface you might have to twist it likeI am doing and then maybe it will comelike thisyou could either tap it or do a side andthen now you could make a cake bystacking these up or pancakes and that’show you do it okay guys if night is howyou make playdough pancakes if you knowwhat you do is take all the play-doh outof your container doesn’t matter whatsize flap you know or roll it out andthen you do is you grab your containeryes then you will see it would be on thetop I’m not doing it cuz I already didtwo times and then you could suck it tomake a cake or a pancake please makesure to subscribe okay I’m sorry butthanks for a lot of subscribers[Music]

18 Replies to “How to make Pancakes out of playdough

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  3. My main question is, how did you manage to keep that pie for 3 days? That thing would be lucky to last 3 hours in my house lol

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  5. Oh my goodness Ms. Tammy! Thank you so much for taking me back to my younger years with my Mamaw! Now I see why my sister had to have it every year from our Mamaw on her birthday! Your the sweetest person I know! I’ll be making it in memory of my sister Thanksgiving! Words can not express how much this meant to me and my family!❤️

  6. I have question about your black stove top, how do you clean it? Mine is always smearing looking and I can’t just use a cloth on it, it leaves a residue. I’m hating it.

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