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How to make pancakes look like IHOP pancakes

1 pan, 1 spatula, mixing bowl, and a measuring cup used for scooping

Put pan on medium high heat and a 1 drop of pork grease to coat bottom of pan. Spoon in pancake mix and watch til bubbles form then buss. Once edges form, flip! And there you have it. Gorgeous pancakes

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello and welcome to my channel this isAngie’s home and the video I’m shootingtoday is how to make pancakes look likea pancakes now if you’re old-school likeme you do know that there’s another kindof pancake that’s the pancake that yourmom used to make with the black crustaround the edges it was delicious thosedelicious but it was swimming in greaseso I’m gonna show you what I do and thisis just what I do and I take a littlebit of oil and this oil was all that waspreviously used to click maybe a porkchop something important it gives you aflavor now I want to use the middle justa little bit it’s gonna coat the bottomof the pan you don’t like the otherwhole pancakes you do not want enoughgrease that’s gonna make your pancakesswim we just want enough this is gonnacoat the bottom and it’s gonna give yourpancakes in flavor okay so I usually dois take a little know what I have aright now is just I think this is 1/2measuring cup just something that’scooking up withnow what you’re going to do is basicallyjust watch pankynow the pancake will let you know whenit’s time to flip by the holes this init you see the bubbles in it now justkeep watching it once the bubblesstarted to buzzwell first I’m going to form and thenleave my buswhen you don’t want your car too hardI don’t maybe your medium between mediumand medium mind watch all the bubblesfor menow you don’t usually want to touch itbecause if you touch it it’ll kind offold the bubbles up and you’redisappearing you’d be off you know whatyou won’t be for sure when to flip itokay another hitches I’m really setnobody said it’s not losing over see thebubblesokay so no I think this one wasrealistic part is kind of hot see thatgorgeous and you have a I have I have apancake gorgeous and they’re deliciousand I swimming in Greece not somethingthat’s gonna have you have a necklacethe wrong look Clark in your arteriesand if you can tell she to see that howfluffy they get so yeah that’s my way ofmaking pretty pancakes thank you forwatching this video and if you willplease hit subscribe and like thank youvery much

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