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How to Make Pancakes: In Just Seven Steps!

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Video Transcription

hi my name is Trent and today I’m goingto teach you how to make pancakes injust seven steps first things firstwe’re gonna tell you all the ingredientsat the beginning so you know I’m runningaround town trying to grab stuff whileyou’re cooking first thing giving thesesugar all purpose flour some salt somebutter baking powder not soda milk andmaybe some olive oilalright let’s get cooking[Music]alright so for step one we’re going totake all of our dry ingredients and putit into the bowl we start with ourall-purpose flour that come from half acup and a half a day in the bowl[Music]next thing we’re going to do is we’regoing to take three and a half teaspoonsof the baking powder and put it in[Music]once you did that you’re gonna have yourone teaspoon of saltyeah take her yourself put one teaspoonin[Music]now after your salt comes one tablespoonof white sugar[Music]now what you’re going to do is you’regonna take your dry ingredients andyou’re gonna mix them all together[Music]now that you have your dry ingredientsall mixed up for step two you’re goingto create a well in the center of yourdry ingredients once they’re all mixed[Music]after you have your well you’re justgoing to crack your egg right into thecenter[Music]younow that you have your dry ingredientsand your egg in the bowl you’re gonnatake all your wet ingredients and put itin so starting with three tablespoons ofbutter you’re gonna put it in themicrowave for about 25 seconds so itgets all melted like this then you’rejust gonna pour it into the bowl youdon’t want to get it too hot thoughotherwise it’ll cook the egg before youmix second thing you’re gonna do isyou’re gonna take your milk and you’regonna measure out one and a quarter cup[Music][Music]now for step four you’re going to takeyour bowl with all your ingredients init and you’re going to mix it uptogether until you get all the lumps out[Music]and you’re gonna have either olive oilor butter and you’re just going to getthe pan greased uponce your pan is all heated up for step6you’re gonna take your sugar measuringcup quarter cup measuring cup and you’regonna scoop it into the pan so you get anice sized pancake[Music]step seven is is you’re just going tocook it until the bubbles stop comingout of the top and then you’re going toflip it and then you’re gonna take itout of the pan and you’re ready to eat

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