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How to make pancakes from scratch.

I made pancakes from scratch and they tasted delicious.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey everyone welcome back to my youtubechannel today I am going to show youguys how to make homemade pancakes madefrom scratch so make sure to subscribeand turn on this bus notifications Ialso do slime videos and stuff like thatmake sure to give this video a bigthumbs up and so let’s get to this sothe first thing you will need is a bigso probably this big and so next youwill need 1 cup of flour I’m actuallygoing to double the recipe because I’mmaking like twice as much because I thenhave a big few so I’m going to do 2 cupsof flour but if you’re doing the normalrecipe than you’re doing so I’m justgoing to believing the recipe[Music][Music]mom we need more flour we don’t have anymore next we will need two tablespoonsof sugar so I am doubling the recipe soI will need four so make sure it saystwo Bs instead of GPS because that umyeah so we also need their sugar we haveenough but I just technically just useon the toilet sorry we cook a lot sonext we will need two tablespoons bakingpowder but I will need 4 tablespoonssince I’m doubling recipe hey so I havebaking powder so four tablespoons onetwo threeand last but not least for okay step layback on that now we will be needing oneteaspoon of salt but I am doubling therecipe so I will need two t-shirts now Ijust use tablespoons TBS now they need Tthirds which is T yeah or TSP see thatso I’m going to eat two of these yeahso one two okay now I will need 1 cup ofmilk if you’re doing this one more I amdoing I’m doubling their City so I’mgonna have to use two cups one so nowI’m going to need two[Music]and look at that glass – mom we needmore so I’m gonna get out on a pool nowthat have a boy I’m gonna whip up – eggscrack 1 1 1 and tip it is ok if youcrash yet becauseso now I’m just going to take and workand kind of just like stab it and I wantto with it once it all turns yellow andyou know that it is always and now I amjust going to pour it in now I need twotablespoons of oil that’s so I’mdoubling the recipes so I will need 4tablespoons of oil so let me get out theoil it may start to bubble up a littlebit so I need four tablespoons of oilone two three four nownow what we will need to do is mix wellso I’m gonna grab and mix it all up nowget all the edges and everything andmake sure that there’s no powder left soeverything should be with up so kindajust move you forward in a circularrotation up and down so it sure lookslike that when you’re done it should bea little chunky that’s Ted and thereshould be no powder at the bottom ofyour bowl you might need parents forthis then after that you are going towork and then your parents will have todo this make sure not to work with thisstuff and then you will cook them andthen you will have delicious pancakes sothank you guys for watching make sure togive this video a big thumbs up turn onthis post notifications and goodbye

19 Replies to “How to make pancakes from scratch.

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  4. ⭐️Yummy I love it. Your makeup looks beautiful ⭐️ I have a waffle maker but can’t find it. Have a fantastic Sunday funday beautiful

  5. Hey Kristyn I like your chicken and waffles look so good I want me some of your cooking I like your eye shadow color I like watching how you made this I like your waffle maker I like your personality to

  6. Luv Chicken & Waffles. My first experience was Roscoe Chicken & Waffles in the 90’s. Luv making waffles. Everything looks delicious! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  7. I really love ❤️ how you slowed things down while you were cooking. Look at the doggies! The meal looks so perfect like a TV commercial lol.⭐️⭐️⭐️

  8. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I love chicken and waffle. My waffle maker definitely get a lot of use. If you are every in NY try Amy Ruth in Harlem there chicken and waffle is delicious ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  9. Hi , dear I like u when u come up with different ways of doing in your cooking videos , and I see always keep your ingredients simple!!!!!!

  10. Hey you are a strong black woman you are beautiful an intelligent and every way shape or fashion I love when my black people let there voice be there and out there

  11. Just in time. I’m all caught up right in time for this vlogmas now. I binged watched all of them plus the lives today

  12. Lol you making waffles is me trying to make the perfect pancake. They came out really good and the chicken looks so crispy.

  13. Ngl I haven’t been on YouTube for a min but when did you start merch?! Congrats I’m glad to see ur channel is growing ❤️⭐️⭐️

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