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How To make Pancakes | Fortniter54 Recipe for Pancakes & Nutella

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Video Transcription

and then guys welcome back we have a[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]now this is the dangerous part parentalsupervision needed for this you open[Music]pancake shut the doorturn on which now Timmy fridge put oneminute[Music]so I’m gonna leave you guys hereNo[Music][Music][Applause]this is what you need to do you get yourhandy dandy knife warning warning- ah you don’t need to spread it cuzI’ll make it rip so do not spread itjust plop someone try and burn doing[Music]just like that from one – then you cando you wantbut you don’t have to keep the knife andyou clip something tell our because youneed it anymoreokay well I mean put the time in lipsnice I start now I need to roll it up soit should look something like this andnow it’s shopping time so drop it intoequal equal things are unequal if youreally want to be funny too yeahand should look something almost likethat and thenthere you have ityou’re wonderful exquisite pancakesready to eat oh yeahdon’t forget your cutlery because eat itwith your hands that’s just disgustingoh wait by your hygiene get your forkand then you have complete there you gothat is how you meet your exquisitepancakes thank you for watching and ifyou want more food tutorialsget ready because I’ve mix them all onlyif you put them in the comments thankyou for watching and toodles

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