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How to make pancakes for kids

My first ever attempt to make pancakes by myself!
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Easy step by step instructions listed below for all ages.

Pour 1 cup of Krusteaz (light & fluffy) buttermilk pancake mix into mixing bowl

Add 2/3 cup water and mix until thick and add chocolate chips(optional)

Have an adult light the stove at medium heat or 375 degrees
and spray pan with PAM cooking spray

Cook each side until golden brown


Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey you guys it’s karena here welcomeback to my channel and today we aregoing to be making some pancakes so onecup yeah one cup for a couple pancake soI’m just gonna do it up put it in thereand then it says 2/3 of a cup of watercold water so 2/3 is bright beerOh watery now nah it’s okay there we goso now are we supposed to put them 375Fahrenheit medium heat[Music][Music]now I was gonna put this on right[Music]I always hold it oh okay[Laughter][Music]thank you guys so much for watching thatwas me trying to make my first pancakein my hotel life and if you want to makeyour own pancakes at home all theingredients are down below and leave acomment snatch that like button andsmash that subscribe button and alwaysfake smiling see you in school

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