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How To Make Pancakes! Best Recipe.

Hi guys today I showed you how to make the best pancakes I’ve ever tried.

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys welcome back to news video thereI’m going to be doing a video on atutorial on how to make deliciouspancakes so if you want to know how tomake these pancakes what’s the rest ofthe video and once camera is the IRTmissed out a part of how to flip andcook the pancakes but I will give youwhen it comes to that time like shortmessage about now okayjust want to say that I really liked myold intro so I’m going back to the oldone because when you want isn’t just Ilike the open bar basically so here’sthe old intro instead of the new onehey guys my name is for Honus and I am12 years old and I do business about myanimals I have taught you things intorabbits and other things like baking youlike hot and this is my life okay sostep one you’re going to get your bowland other things you think to be on yourdry ingredients so sugarso this is the sugar that I’ve got andI’ll put a measurement right here in thescreen and the other thing I’ve got issome flour and I also put themeasurement for the flower on the screentip so what are you going to do with thesugar and flour is you going to put alittle bit into the bowl and you were tocombine ingredients I do it a little bitslower so yeah I know thing I know thevegetables don’t know I just told youthem seven tablespoons of flour and 4tablespoons of sugar so you went to pourhalf of our aim and thenalso half of the sugar yes but I thinkit’s just easier to combine if you likethis[Music]and just make sure you see when I stirthis until you get up to like powderlike not you can’t see much clumps andyou can’t see big patches of eitherflour or big cups of sugar so make surethat you can’t see big patches you wantit to be really mixed there right thenI’ll see you see sir oh sorry I’ll seeif the next step step two is with thewhite ingredient so ever to need isyou’re going to need an egg and somemilk so the egg is just one egg and themilk is just random but put up like thehow much I use in the end you’ll see yousoon so we’re going to want to do theegg is you’re going to want to stir itso I’ll be back from the finish stirringbasically you want to whisk it so it’slike combined with the yolks once you’veexited you want to add some luck so I’mgoing to be adding three tablespoons ofthe milk into the eggand we’re just going to start so I’ll beback when I finished over back your dryingredients and then push the dryingredients all to one side then whatyou’re going to want to do is take yourmuch ingredients and just glue all ofthem in to the drying I’m gonna throwthem over into the middle of oh my godyou suppose this so now you ain’t wantto stir em you want to slowlyincorporate some of the dry mix into thewet and so it doesn’t all get too clumpyat one time we’re doing this yeah we’redoing this edges under also couldn’t beat one time and also we’re going toactually need some more in a little bitbecause we’re going to need some milkoptions today because it’s going to getinto really thick because there’s a lotmore dry ingredients and it is wetingredients because they only one egg inthere right now so yeah it’s gonna getinto like a paste belly pasty and Thomeand then we’ll start to add our weddingmom no[Music]it’s getting really double so you don’texpect to Joey so before it gets todon’t even touch the iron milk so I meanto do a teaspoon a tablespoonso now we’re up to five tablespoons ofmilk so I’ll tell you how much we needat the end near we talk in the telephoneit’s hopeI’ll be back to point up in all of thisso we’re at this point and I didn’teight tablespoons of milk and it’s gotlike a really thick consistency you cansee so yeah so I actually don’t reallywant a thick consistencyI’d rather have a more thinnerconsistency so this is a 8 tablespoonsand I’m gonna come in and add two moreand that’s gonna be my final one so youjust keep adding look until and likeuntil you like get to the consistencythat you want so yeah[Music]I’m going to be back then my butter ismy butter is that the right consistencyso I like itconsistency some thin but still kind ofthick so it can like through select it[Music]then what you’re going to do is if youlike chocolate chip pancakes add in thechocolate chips and how if you likeblueberry pancakes a ton of blueberriesand now I mean any like other thingsthat you want to add in now before youdo anything else and we’re gonna need tomove over to the pan not very and I’llshow you could be a little bit dangerousto do everything what Phil what[Music]so I finished and these are the pumpit’s just gonna make way more than foursmall pancakes but that’s all I’vedecided to make because I’m not hungrybecause it’s actually 1 a.m. at lag timeand I’m gonna try to make a giant onebut I ended up just making thisscrambled pancakes oh yeah and if youwant like a better tutorial on how tomake these pancakes and just like thevideoI’m also like if you also want to seemore videos about baking and cooking andcomment in the comment section belowwhat else you want me to cook and I’lltry and also please share this becauseit was good and subscribe to my channelif you want to eat these because theylook deliciousit smell delicious so I’ll see y’allnext time – bye

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