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how to make pancakes at home

little video on how to make pancakes at home , this time i didn’t fail at making pancakes 😀 watch how to make pancakes the simple way 🙂

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thank you for watching 🙂
now lets all make pancakes 😛

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello hello hello welcome back to mychannel and I’m in the kitchen somemeans I’m making something and the thingI’m gonna make today is okay Oh remembermy last pancake video yeah also failwho’s hoping it’s gonna be a success istime where do I need this bowl sugar theflour would have plain topic I gotseparated flour eggs into the will spoonbut you fish recipe flour in like somuch fun to me and to us[Music]since 20 speakers[Music]and divided experience it be X not howmany actionable to him so I’m going toguess about three X the very water comesto[Music]that’s a vanilla flavor[Music]we have been to be a criminal[Music]milkhe is probablyand you get your wooden spoon be thestarett[Music]being assets let’s make our first wordthe questions always be you think yousaid down a bit too early but who’scoming along now[Music]Olive Oyl[Music]now that’s the first oneyeah I can echo cage do a little bitburnt[Music]I’m training the firstthankfully really nice couple pancakes[Music]I’m not feeling real successful cuckoo[Music][Music]and when this small ones 30 happy with adetractor friend[Music][Music][Music][Music]now that that’s done there’s my pancakesI did not fail this time hallelujahI’m so happy I did not failstill it’s over for another rainy days[Music]so first Thank You Becca heart waspretty much noise you know it’s like theweird onewhile every fresh pancake mix alwaysweirdso one Appetit in this trap and off 90[Music]so good taking it but it’s so goodthat’s how I make a pancake I don’t workfor my syrup but I don’t think I’veserved with this and that’s a video givea thumbs up comment down below you cantry and make anything else hopefullydoesn’t fail and see you in the next foryou

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