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How to make pancakes and bacon

So you wanna make pancakes and need something to sit next to them? Well we got you. Super simple day one in our pancake short episode series.

You gonna need

For just three pancakes
1 1/2 cup of boxed pancake mix @.30
3/4 cup of water @.10
3 tablespoons of oil @.10
1 egg @.08
3-6 strips of bacon @3.50

For more just double the ingredients.

Cooking tutorials for the terminally broke, and those of mediocre talent.
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Video Transcription

hi everybody and welcome back to living
between paychecks kitchen and today
because little Ezra’s birthday was the
other day he became – that’s Jack’s
little kid a little and it was in the
other show link down the terribly do if
you missed him his birthday was the
other day that got me to thinking about
baked goods so now we’re gonna do
everybody’s favorite breakfast theme
baked goods we’re gonna get into
pancakes so we’re gonna do so many sodas
this week so we’re gonna do three of
them so we’re gonna start the day with
pancakes let’s get to it babe yeah but
it’s a cake all right so this is
actually pretty easy one right yeah
that’s completely easy just need the
pancake mix boom and it touch you right
on the back exactly what you need you
know what amounts this is gonna do the
small set right yeah mm there is a three
quarter cup of water 3 tablespoons of
the oil right one egg just why name just
one egg and then like we’re gonna use a
cup and a half of the mix that’s that’s
all you mean that’s what it tells you
now we did bring some bacon cuz pancakes
would say it would not sitting beside up
yeah so you got that one done
we started our bacon off first because
it takes a lot longer because the
pancakes up for like three minutes
if easily yeah yeah yeah I usually don’t
I let my Baker cook a little longer than
that because you know I don’t like it
crunchy I just let it get all you like
the soft bacon I wanted warmed up and
chewy like I wanted to feel like I just
tore the stomach out of a pig you know
hmm I want it just before crunchy just
before crunchy bits like little pieces
of it they’ve got a little more texture
to it I don’t mind but alright so gives
you a decent sized Bowl this almost was
a big enough don’t mind the mess and oh
yeah thanks forever to get this stuff
done but it was a cup and a half for the
mix alright and this is dry stuff it’s
really easy then 3/4 cup of water let’s
pour it in there makes it oh yeah anyway
you don’t have to mix it too much yet
and get your just one egg don’t worry
about your shell because people will
notice when he cooks later you’ll pop it
up there and then three tablespoons of
this stuff we lucked out and had exactly
3 tablespoons left and one of our
bottles so I decided to measure it out
and I would have bet I would have lost
money because I didn’t think it was
enough but
was gonna be it one last bottle since
Gavin no it asked to mix this with a
wire whip which i think is this thing
yeah yeah but this is so sloppy and wet
when you first get it done it’s gonna
slosh everywhere you just take that
whisk in there start whipping around
right so I just took a fork started
whipping around till it was at least one
consistency right so I’ll take this put
it over here it’s pretty dripping a
little bit so I don’t want to waste it
perhaps so I just keep with this around
here and so you can get it in there take
your whisk now to be sure to keep
scraping the sides of it cuz that powder
get in there stick the sides won’t get
mixed up right in the oil I’ll stay out
there so you just keeps turning now you
want to be able to pull it out where
it’s not sitting in the whisk right you
pull it out and it’s still sitting in
there you do why yeah feeding on a
little bit more make sure it’s good so
you pull it out here there’s no lumps in
there nothing that’s all like what it
runs up and you’re getting go so be sure
to check on your bacon occasionally like
this is just starting to get pink I
don’t flip my bacon very often because
it curls up either way yeah it’s not
like it’s gonna stay flat like if you
use a piece of pork or something how
that’ll cup yeah either one right that’s
usually not we lightly oil the bottom
one just a little bit of spray that he
know and then we only put like a third
of this in here now this is for a decent
sized pancakes
this is single people sized pancakes
right or dating sized pancakes now if
you got kids you have to do the small
ones kiss you got to share everybody I
feel bad because I’m using this fork and
this nonstick thing but I’m making sure
not to hit the metal with it was gonna
yeah they kind of sort lift didn’t lose
a whole bunch of grease all over my head
I wouldn’t suggest doing that with
banking that was really good dumbest
thing I’ve ever done not be dumbest
there was never mind that story the next
day in there yeah yeah what was the
dumbest thing you ever did I have no one
so make sure that space now cook this
for a minute a half and then flip it
over one solid motion and if you don’t
get it done right just put that’s gonna
be your bottom pancake don’t worry about
yeah you got
or pancakes the may-maybe those will
come out good right so thus what we made
is like three of these good-sized today
and they’re hot to be careful yeah might
find out later yeah so yeah well this
started we use arguing with it and I
found this thing like check this out
this little thing and a local uh hobby
still there’s a happy story
yes lease a thrift store but it was a
hobby store for like two or three bucks
and it’s like teeny tiny little tongs
what spatulas on oh yeah this a measly
it was like three bucks statue tongs
yeah and they’re like a like a
rubberized plastic on there so they’re
kind of soft nut Hoover hard so they
won’t scratch you non sticks man I
really like thinks they might come in
pretty handy because they’re too often
we need to do this yeah well we don’t do
bacon off bacon is you use not stick a
lot true enough now this has been here
I’m in an ad for the other side it’s a
nice flat spatula be careful about any
five wide plastic ones put it on your
plate now remember if your second one is
bigger than your first one
you gonna fool everybody thinking that
you just have one pancake then just keep
gonna tell you how to but yeah out of
the mix you have some bigger size some
smaller ones and now you’re breaking
once it gets to the desired consistency
right you get your secret weapon that
paper blade with the paper towel on it
yeah it’s how they greet these little
tongue things these things genius and
then just put it right on there and that
will soak up most of that grease to
pulling their weight today yeah so there
you have it they fed me just once but
will have a way down in the description
they’re just the basic what you can do
and then you can double it and we’ll put
it down in there yeah but this cost
maybe six seven bucks the bacon was the
most expensive part of it we have a lot
more bacon this was not know this is
just partial and we’ll use it the rest
of the minisodes the rest of this week
may be able to get that stuff done I
hate there you go that’s our simple
pancake that’s day one of our mini sodas
on how to make some pancakes and some
early warning
I guess not make Goods whatever they
still call it pancake I prefer mine with
a little less pan a lot more cake
sleep but that’s how it works now I
remember life is kind of like pancakes
if we don’t work out the first time just
pour another one – try it again man
you’ll be all right so we’ll see you
next time on them between paychecks
kitchen we’re on here Tuesdays are
Friday you can find us on Facebook
you’ll in between paychecks they’re on
Instagram and living between or not
Pinterest they start putting stuff up
over there and living between paychecks
over there – Jack and whether you’re
messing with stuff in the background you
can County hurry you can catch him over
there – and commentary one over on
Instagram you can look him up check up
on little heads turn it – and we’ll see
you next time

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