Pancakes Recipes

How to make pancakes

1. Large eggs = 2

2.Milk = 1cup
Cooking oil = 2 tbsp

3.All purpose flour = 1 1/4 cups
granulated sugar = 1tbsp
Baking powder = 1tbsp
Salt = 1/4 tsp

Heat frying pan to the point where water bounces on it

Put a little bit of butter on the pan then bake!!

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Video Transcription

hey what’s up guys say I’m gonna be
giving you a tutorial on how to make
pancakes okay
so first what you want what you’re gonna
wanna do is take you wanna make sure
that no show she’ll get some time the
show is usually extremely slow that’s a
piece of shell right that’s cuz that egg
accidentally cracked before we started
okay once you mix up your eggs sorry you
can’t see what I’m doing I’m just
opening okay so you’re gonna want to
pour it in till it reaches one cup so
I’m gonna find the one cup one
there we go that’s one cup so now pour
milk into there then we need two
tablespoons of cooking oil so because it
doesn’t really measure out two
tablespoons does it actually 30 no so
right here’s what we’re gonna use for
the it’s actually really small so with
that thick you can see okay so then
we’re gonna pour in those two
up to the two tablespoon now you should
have something that looks like a
yellowish white mix mix that it’s nice
okay so mine is nice yeah it should be
like a nice color like dye see what
color it is
oh it’s like a yellowy like that that’s
what you’re looking at there we want to
do this quick now we got to add the rest
of the ingredients in so why don’t you
do some flour do it that’s I’m sorry but
gosh okay okay
so right now that’s what’s going on my
putting the flour in because we need a
cup and a quarter of flour if you need
the directions I’ll put them down all
the directions will be down in the
description below
orden okay
so seriously if you are using this
recipe just look down the whole
description add the rest of the
ingredients cake now we need let’s do
there we go I got the salt it’s now you
want a quarter of a teaspoon super small
that’s all I knew on baking powder not
soda powder okay now we need 1
tablespoon of sugar
okay now we mix it I think my sister
wants to mix it so what you wanna do mix
it stop okay so you’re gonna wanna you
mix it until its moist
I get it started depending on what
you’re baking with what do you mean
that’s a waste
someplace yeah it is it’s wasting this
pool why didn’t we just it’s nice and
that means it’s fluffy don’t mix it too
much or they won’t be fluffy okay so now
you have to like depending on what you
use what do you like if you’re going to
use a frying pan then what the what we
do is so you’re gonna want to go okay
okay so yeah I have this drop of water
you want to put that drop of water on
your pants what turn the volume up it’s
fine to talk Avery wait was the volume
down the whole time no I just turned it
all the way up okay so once you put some
drops of water in your pan you know it’s
if come you know it’s hot if the water
bubbles it’s not hot enough yet because
the water is not bubbling on it that’s
how you know this is what the batter
should look like like that with some
bubbles on it okay now we have to clean
it up until it’s hot
Avery do you want to watch the pan I
said watch the pin these are this is the
water that when that bubbles that means
the waters he will little speck little
down these long hikes okay it’s ready
bouncing it’s all gone and it just
bounced in yes you want
he’s so good you would like flip burgers
with looks like that just make your
pancakes margarine so there’s our
buttered pan so now we can start making
pancakes and if you want to you can
throw away the first three the first
three tastes the same but chef sings
throw away the first three because the
first three suck up all the butter so
then they end up looking really really
weird but it just looks that’s why
wait next your pen
watch your bull and okay yeah just so
you know so how it usually works is the
first three take a long time to cook
I’m a long time like two minutes and all
the ones after the first three don’t
take us long they take about like 30
seconds but you have to flip them like
15 seconds or 30 seconds on each side
these take like 2 minutes on each side
I’m kidding you shake like a minute on
each side hey that’s why they’re always
or may not so right there it’s that’s
like sort of right see once you get your
parent case and put it on the plate you
I’m get the oven more and put them in
the oven so they don’t stay so nice they
want you can do cold pancakes so you’re
gonna put your oven to about like 200
you can see the pancakes perfect there
okay once they start to get bubbly on
the top that means that means they can
go much pancakes is one of my personal
things that I cook I I will do any
baking tutorial make it show you he
doesn’t always think waffles but he can
suck through it waffles
yeah you just never you don’t always do
it see what I mean by oh my gosh mom
asked me to make I make pancakes and
then I get told to make pancakes this
pancake this is why they’re called the
throw aways the buttery ones usually
fall apart see you the line effect that
it does I know that pancake is very
trashy I’m probably gonna throw that one
out because it’ll probably be raw but
these other ones are getting brown
that one flipped better that’s a good
he’ll probably keep that one yeah I
don’t think I’ll keep this one because
it’s not gonna look great in my opinion
I don’t think it’s gonna fit you’re
saying this one’s just a trash sure
let’s got cover it’s covered in uncooked
stuff make some small ones for no one
what do you mean some small ones so the
pancakes are looking pretty good nice
and browned up actual pancakes like
you’ll see what my pancakes look like
this is just what every bad cake looks
like when you first cook it with the
lines it’s just the butter that does
that I can’t weigh that much Avery
worried I need you to come take this
that I can flip them you’re getting
ready you can pour them but I’ll flip or
three Anandapur three why
Avery pretty good one thing about
pancakes is you butter it the first time
you don’t have to butter it anymore it’s
so now sister is gonna force them in
I’ll do all the flipping I’ll show you
what one of my foot pancakes looks like
my sister’s gonna pour them Avery you
gotta be fast and pour them in three so
then one more there and then one more
there you sure I don’t know I just think
you’re out I know this is ending up
being a super long tutorial
it’s like 23 minutes long but a pancake
tutorial man pancakes they take a while
okay can you come Tommy because they get
cooked really fast you go in on this
it’s already getting bubbly see okay
lift it up a little so they can see the
bubbles that means that it’s already
starting to cook that’s all of us it’s
cooking already you know pancakes ready
when it starts to brown why don’t
okay these are perfect pancakes that’s
what a pancake should look like
you know yeah you don’t have to see the
screen I can see that’s what they should
look like would you like to take the
pancakes off Avery
take them off though sure here’s a
flipper they look exactly the same as
they do on that side when they’re ready
we’re close to it we can flip it up and
I’ll tell you if it’s ready
Avery you can just do this you can just
do this though instead of just like you
can just you don’t hold it like that
is it ready okay yeah take it off
once you check the first one then
they’re probably all good no then they
always are all good okay I’ll get the
next pancakes every it has to be higher
oh I’m saying hi to the camera
yeah there you keep it pointed right
a big one it’s okay if your pancakes go
on top a little bit she’s your flipper
so this is pretty much all you yeah I’ll
take these last three off for you
take a picture um you you only recipe no
no cuz I do this I can do it
okay these pancakes are looking already
hard I couldn’t
there’s your pancakes it makes a lot
more than that
I’m just gonna end it here so I can let
you guys go I hope you like the hope you
like the video or a help story I help
you um yeah subscribe if you liked it
and I’ll see you later bye

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