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Video Transcription

hello everyone today I’m gonna show youhow to make pancakes a simple and easybreakfast let’s go the requiredingredients are 130 grams of wheat flouror plain flour 240 milliliters of milk 1large egg 2 tablespoons of sugar 2tablespoons of butter or oil and 1teaspoon of baking powder first in abowl add the egg and then add the butteror oil and also the milk and then whisktogether wellafter you’ve done that add twotablespoons of sugar flour and oneteaspoon of baking powder and then whisktogether well until there are no lumpsafter whisking together well your batteris now ready it should be of thisconsistency grease the pan with eitherbutter or oil and then add about oneladle of batter onto the pan cook untila lightly brown color after bubblesstart to appear on top and pop turn overthen put your pancake into your platerepeat this process for the rest of thebatternow I’m gonna garnish the pancakes youcan use for everyone I’ll be usingberries honey and strawberry sauce[Music][Music]I’ve now finished the garnishing so thepancakes are now ready to eat[Music]you

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