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This is how you make SUPER fluffy pancakes. This is my first video that I did most of the editing on…took me forever. MUST GET USED TO IT.
Here’s the recipe you can print (btw it’s FREE, in the video I said “buy”…)

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]today we’re going to be making pancakesfrom this recipe which I have made fromanother recipe but in cooler much muchcooler form and if you want you cancheck out the links down below and youcan buy one for yourself so set thataside and let’s get started so the firstthing you’ll need is one cup of flourtwo and a half teaspoons of bakingpowder a half a teaspoon of salt and twotablespoons of sugar and you’re going tomix that then the next thing you’regoing to need I mean anin is one in thefourth cups of milk when adding in thewet ingredients you want to add onemixed it the other mix it and then thelast one mix it in this recipe I’m alsogonna be using chocolate chips but notfor all of them because not everyone inthis family likes chocolate chippancakes for some reason the next thingyou’re gonna add in is the butter and ithas to be melted you’re gonna do havethree tablespoons of it and like notjust softened it has to be like meltedlike a thick what do you like what wouldlike like what you would add on top ofthe popcorn I say you’re gonna add inyour one large egg slightly beaten okaythe last time I tried to butter thestove it um it ended up something underthe stove so you know try not to letthat happen this time the butter didturn brown because of the heat so I’mgonna and I move the ingredients off tothe side so I’m gonna make two bigreally big ones at a time so here we goI have my spatula here I’m kind ofwaiting for them to bubble so I meanI’m just gonna be waiting around wellnow they’re ready so time to flick theysay should me not spotted on my own inyour hand that’s slippery no I’m notletting that happen again last time Itried to flip a pancake it flopped overthe edge oh I’m gonna have to save thatone and it turned out like a biscuit soI don’t want to let that happen again sothese are decent me know just gonna staynice but you know they’re nice I willalso mention that I added like like atablespoon or two more flour stayslisten I’m gonna get a plate to put themon hey okay you can’t see it right nowbut it’s there smell that it’s butteredand then I start putting on the pancakesthe reason I like this office becauseany time it’s not wiped off it drew it’sunderneath the stove all rightso I’m gonna wait and it came to me awhile this will look so Cityah no whamom yeah well that’s perfectthat was a flop literally what’s a halfa pancake now I might wanna clean thisoff just I’m gonna can’t really tellnow this one’s the one that I do notlike that’s it oh gosh carefully flipthat over looks like it got cutit’s like really floppy on that enddon’t want to give it up from there it’sa hot pancake right so no then don’tlike that batch gonna butter againokay I might make these two chocolatechips gonna add chocolate chipsgood that is a good one I feel likeevery time they make chocolate chip oncethey’re like the best kind like theysplit perfectly except for that one ifyou like chocolate chip pancakes tell methat in the link or comment that belowcuz I want to know how many peopleactually like chocolate chip pancakes Ijust want to know fine the onlywandering eyes drawn them their cameraangles so that way you can see thepancakes and anyways on to the lastpancake don’t know what I’m gonna dothis really so I could put it right inthe middleokay that is the only one that’s fineyeah what about that one gonna turn offthe stove all right so if you want tomake the final stock here’s about howmuch it makes and the reason there’s notthat many it’s because one they’re biginto they’re big so yeah that’s all fortoday also if you want to buy thisrecipe will be in the link down below soif you want to get it go ahead and getit so that’s all for today bye

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