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Hey guys. In today’s video I am going to show you how to make pancakes. It is very easy to make and it is so delicious. I hope you will try it out. Enjoy

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to cook it in jailfood if you are new here welcome andplease don’t forget to subscribe and hitthat notification Bell so if you canreceive cooking videos every single week[Music]in today’s video I’m going to show youhow to make one of my very favoritebreakfast which is pancakes I reallylove eating pancakes so what we aregoing to need for this recipe is ateaspoon of vanilla essence of vanillaextract a pinch of nutmeg a pinch ofcinnamon if you don’t have cinnamon oryou don’t have not met you can stillcontinue with the recipe and then wealso need a quarter cup of sugar you canchoose to have more or less a pinch ofsalt a cup of milk and a cup and aquarter cup of self-rising flour we’llalso need three eggs and a mixing bowl awhisk if we don’t have oh you can alsouse an electric mixer so today I’m goingto use an electric mixer if you don’thave an electric mixer you can use awhisk or you can also use a blender allmy ingredients aside so what we aregoing to do first I’m going to crack orput my eggs into the mixing bowl thoseare now three eggsand after that no gain not to whisk theeggsafter whisking the eggs I’m not going toadd milk now we’re going to add thismilk and then you’re gonna mix again[Applause]after combining the egg with the milknow I’m going to add vanilla extract apinch of cinnamon salt sugar I’m alsogoing to add flour I’m not going to putthe whole bowl of flour I’m just goingto put half of the flour first justpaint it and then I mixyou must mix for about one minute orjust until you see that all youringredients are well combinedI’m not going to add the other half ofmy flower self-rising flour I’m not donemixing so you can see because it theconsistency we are looking for is thisone so after mixing all your ingredientsand I’m going to put your thread ontothe soap and just hit it on medium soright now I’m hitting my pen and Ididn’t put anything yet so I just wantedI just wanted to be warm and serve andI’ll come and put my oilI just put my pancake batter my pen isnot very warm so I’m going to remove itfrom the stove and just put it aside nowwhat I’m going to do I’m not going togrease it if you have oil you can justput your oil you don’t need to remove toremove it from the stove now I’m justgoing to spray it with my cooking sprayyou can use all the oil you can also usewhat you can also use cooking oil butterall those nice things and now I’m goingto put it back on toast oh now I’m goingto use my measuring cup to scoop thebatter into the panget my bowl let’s go / decent amount ofbetter and put it starting from themiddleso a person may ask how will I know ifmy pancake is cooked and it’s ready tobe flipped so when it is done settlingyou will see that it’s not going it’snot spreading out anymore and also whenthe bubble starts to form on top of thepancake that’s an indication that it iscooked and it’s ready to be turned theother way around so I’m just going towait until bubbles form then I will beback set we can turn it now you can seethat the pancakes have head heads formbubbles on top so it shows that it isnow ready to be turned away that andalso let it cook on this so you willknow that the pancake is fully cookedif you you just flip it over again andcheck it then you can just put it intoyo 7d I’m going to wait like forapproximately 1 minute it will be itshould be ready in one minute because myheat is in medium try to be patient witha pancake and put your meat your or yourstove on medium heat and let it cookwith time rather than putting it on highand burning it so I’ll be back when itis ready to gonow I’m checking if my pancake is soupyou see it’s not sticking into the panso I’m just checking it’s hooked on thisside you can see it is cooked so now I’mgoing to remove it from the pan and putit into myself I’m having troubles withmoving it because I’m using my one handother hand is with the cameras okaythere we go just going to transfer itand take another scope of these and justput it in there so I’ll be back when I’mdone making all the pancakes[Music][Music]I’m now done making the pancakes you cansee here they are all out of the pen sowhat you can do is the pancakes you caneat them with syrup you can also eatthem with cheese you can just put cheeseon top or honey or cream cheese and yeahyou can eat it with different types offillings and yes they have it I hope allof you guys try this out comment downbelow how was your experience did youenjoy it and also I want to thank all ofyou guys who subscribed it really meansa lot to me and for all that I still tosubscribe please do that it’s verysimple and yeah don’t forget to cook itand enjoy your food see you in the nextvideo bye[Music]

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