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How to make PANCAKES! 🥞

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Video Transcription

hello everybody welcome back to mychannel today I’m going to be teachingyou how to make pancakes I’m reallyexcited to do this video because I getto eat them afterwards I love to makepancakes so I thought I’d just do avideo to teach you how to make pancakesbecause who doesn’t love pancakes firstof all you want to get a big mixing bowland put 300 milliliters of milkso I’ve just measured this out in it andthen you want to get 100 grams of flourin two eggs to make sure you don’t getany shell in and if you’ve gotten a bitof egg yolk on your hands just waterso I’ve got the mixed here now and thatnow I’m gonna just mix them all togetherusing this mixer so you might wanna getand I don’t to help you but I’ve donethis before so I don’t really leave thatout let’s go[Music]so as I was doing that I was graduallyadding a little bit more milk while itwas mixed in sometimes you might want tomake your mixture the day the nightbefore because my mom says that that’s aboon so I can just scrape like flour andmixture into the bowl so big lumps offlouryeah so once you’re happy with yourmixture and you want to get a frying pan[Music]then you’re gonna get a little bit ofoil and you’re gonna pour just a littlebit into the pan so that the pancakeswhen you put them in they don’t like golike they don’t stick to the bottom ofthe pan so I’m just doing that we onlyreally across the whole pan so nowyou’re going to get a ladle which islike a big spoon and you’re just gonnaget some mixture and we’re gonna pour itin nicely to the pan let’s go all in oneprobably won’t be that back to circleshape spinejust yes yes looking good fun so guysthis is my first pancake it is in hereI’m just waiting so my my first pancakeis just still cooking you can it doesn’tlike you don’t have to do it for acertain amount of time on on one sidejust until you think it’s ready to flipover I do not want to flip my pancakebecause I’m a bit worried so I’ve gotthe spatula here I’m going to use to getunder me and flick it very soon so guyscomment down below what topping you aregoing to have on your pancakes I’ll tryand put the comments on I don’t knowwhat happened but on my last video whenI wanted you to comment you couldn’t soanyway this time comment down below whatyour favorite pancake topping is I’mgonna flip my pancake so I just fit mypancake oh but it’s looking reallyreally goodso depending on how many you’re makingyou probably just want to get a bigplate so you can put all of them on whenyou’re done with them guys I think mypancake is finished so guys here is myfirst pancakeit is looking amazing and I caught myteeth so I’ve just broken a little bitoff that’s really really niceand at this moment will be my one it’sso good now guys I’m gonna do the restof my pancakes I won’t feel mad cuz itwould take so long so I’ll see you whena full plate of pancakesso guys I have finished making all ofthe pancakes I gave some to my brothersmy mom and my dad and they all lovedthen obviously not my baby brotherpancakes but I haven’t had one myselfyet I’ve put some honey on it rememberto comment down below what your favoritepancake topping is so I’m just gonnahave some yeah it’s so good so goodyouone piece left guys I hope you enjoyedthis video and I hope you learned how tomake pancakes and if you did make sureto give it a big thumbs up subscribe tomy channel and hit the notification bar- don’t miss any my videos just likethis one stay safe and I’ll see you soonbye[Music]

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