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How to Make Pancakes 🥞

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey how you doing today gooduh yeah I’m doing good too do you notmake pancakes what if you don’t I knowI’d make pancakes come over here let meteach youlet’s get started the first thing youneed to do before cooking is check yourwork area for example right here alsoclean right there three to the stoveneeds a little bit of scrubbing butthat’s alright another important stepit’s also what you were so for examplethe count where stuff like this likethis see loose a tire I really there itneeds to be open so you need only needso neither this now that we cover theconditions and cooking in the kitchennow to the ingredients the ingredientsyou’re going to need is all-purposeflour 1 egg saltbaking powder milk and lastly sugarthese are the ingredients you’re goingto need to make your pancake now that Igot everything for pancake now we canput them all together so now you’regonna need one bolt and you need yourmeasuring table spoons and cups now Iwant to start putting them in you needone cup of all-purpose flour twotablespoons of sugar[Music]a half a tablespoon[Music]saltthe 1 and 1/4 cup of milk could be thereall men already know1a[Music]and lastlythree tablespoons[Music]how they wished it up all nice andsmooth and fluffy we’re gonna take youto the stove for this you’re gonna needa frying pan about this size and to makesure that the pancake doesn’t stick tothe pan in cooking spray oil or 1tablespoon of butter so with the cookingspray oil you just want to spray theamount you want on your pan with thebutter you just put it on there and makesure goes all around make sure it’s on alow or medium level and now I’m gonnatake your batter and take your 1 cupmeasure and you’re gonna only take onlyhalf a cup and then one once you smoothit all out I’m gonna put that 1 cup onthe pannot our pangeek has been cooking to makesure that is ready to be flipped youlook at the edges of the pancake andmake sure that is nice and dry and alsoif you look here there’s bubble holeswhere the bubbles are then once thoseare formed where the pancake is ready tobe flipped now you take your spatula gounder the pancake make sure you have anice grip on it once you have it flip itand it should be all nice and right herenow cook your pancake until it’s niceand golden brown well not everybody’sperfect perfect so my not perfectlybrownbut that’s fine you let the other sidecook for a minute or two now they each Xthen your pancake is golden brown onboth sides put it onto the plates repeatthis process of putting the batter andcooking it until batter is all gone andthat is how you make pancakes itself youwant some pancakes

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