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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys it’s me Grace and welcome backto my channel and today we’re makingpancake weight feeling I am so excitedto make pancake because it’s my favoritebreakfast so let’s get startedput it up pancake mix honey eggs egg 1/2cup of water salted egg cheese and Ebolafirst we need to put all the ingredientsin the bowl I’m starting with thisand I’m going to put this egg now 1/2cup of water and we will start to mix itotherwise if I’m done mixing it nowwhile mixing it let’s put the twotablespoon of oil and let’s mix it I’llsee you guys in them if I’m done mixingnow guys I’m done mixing and we’re goingto cook it now and let’s go so guyslet’s now call to Ponte make sure thepan is hot so we could cook it first[Music]and when you pour it that’s where you’regoing to put the chilies and the saltedegg we did not mix the cheese and saltedegg in the batter because it was thickin the pan so it did like this and putthe second layer covering it up with asecond baby[Music][Music]and now our pancake is done you canserve it with honey and milk so let’sput the honeyand let’s say is itso let’s paint ityummythank you for watching bye[Music]

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