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How to make Pancake and Sausages on a stick | followed with a Mukbang |

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Video Transcription

welcome back to my channelshe goes by India yep that’s me righthere I am making the pancakes sausage umon a stick for my son for breakfast he’sgonna have three I’m gonna have threeand I’m gonna put it in for 350 put itfor like seven minutes I like windowwhen the pancake starts cracking so I’mjust gonna leave it in until until Ilike what I see okay so this is how theycame out they look good can’t wait tostart eating them they’re really hotthough I got away stay tunedthis is how they came out if you put alot of syrup because I like that oh Icut it I gotta give it a few so it kindof like cool down so I’ll be back when Ifeel they good enough to eatJesus so girlhuhI’m only doing this snappy sound with mymob because a lot of people like themsee you I’m gonna do itcliff good and it’s something quick andeasy to do like come on now leave it inthere until you like it I like my stufffrom well well done and that’s it likecan’t be any easieron to the second one[Music]I’m sorry if I keep living this way Ithink the time is this way but it’sreally OPM I’ll get used to it soonerlater[Music]mr. I ammy lips are sticking my lips up wassticky so in Aldi’s the box like I saidis less than like five only forsomething five and in warmer they havethe box for like $10 like not Walmart orSam’s Club this said under get the Audisthis is the same I bought the ones fromSam’s Club thinking it was any differentand it wasn’t it was an errorI don’t want the Senate to point on myon my circ cuz that can help our I’mabout to take a napI’m exhausted my body hurts from thegrocery haul yesterday but everythingaway myself I mean my arms are killingme grabbing the the drinks that put ohmy goodness I was so muchon my last one no I don’t have nothingno coffee right now because like I saidyesterday I forgot to buy me Dunkindonut creamer and boy do I miss it whichI have to go out and get itso after this I mom have some waterso it’s happy dance so it’s right nowtank 30 in 1939 8mm my breakfast andlater on I’m gonna make for dinner somespaghetti and sausagesstay tuned because that takes us and Iwill be making a bit maybe I’ll do amukbang of it soon who knows I’m kind oflike in this positionunderstandwomen will to test the great ideayummy once again I apologize if I keeplooking that way[Music]and this is the only reason why I’mreally eating this because I haven’t hadit for a long timeI don’t dislike this all the time notreally into the syrup anymore for somereason the syrup was really badwell that was DM do I wish I had no noit really filled me up especiallywithout drinking anything anyway or doneI’m not savagery enough to be all up onthe sticks my lips are all sticky andglossy thank you for tuning in staytuned until next time and rememberalways put God first[Music]

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