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How To Make Oat Fruity Breakfast pancakes

From our star 🌟 chef Jasmine

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

good morning everybody today we’ll be
making my favorite breakfast I don’t
know pancakes let’s get the ingredients
you’ll need some porridge oats some
blueberries some Oh a dairy free milk
tomorrow gothic eggs so cinnamon bit of
you also need an apple and a carrot this
recipe is for free very hungry people
put 150 grams of porridge in the
measuring cup
Matt whiz it into the mixture so target
until flour consistency this could get
very noisy let’s greet our flavorings
our carrot and our Apple it’s a great
way to get one of your fiber day you may
want another help you
next week honey all our feelings and
flour consistency next half a teaspoon
of cinnamon and a pinch of salt next the
little handful three brains makes it
extra special a hundred and fifty
milliliters of no can you can use what
you like please
almond if it looks too dry then add more
milk but if it looks too wet then add
more ice next crack two eggs you might
also want an adult to help you pour it
into the mixture
now this is what I call delicious add
some oil to seal your pad when it’s nice
and hot
please fry lights now let’s get a
kitchen you know I had enough so let’s
shape them into pancakes and put them in
the pan for me click each pancakes on
each side two to three minutes
and hey presto I like mine with nuts and
honey that I don’t also like love me
with Greek yogurt now we’re gonna eat
that watching

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