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How to make nice and healthy pancakes

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Video Transcription

hi guys let me give you the mostdelicious recipe for fluffy thickpancakes which is so so simplefirst of all put a pan onto a mediumheat into a bowl put 1 mug of milk 1 mugof self-raising flour white or wholemeal and one lovely free-range egg 1pinch of sea salt and give a good whiskand it’ll be a fairly thick light batterlightly rub a pan with just a littlebutter and then pour in enough butter tothe size of the pancake that you wantwhen the batter’s cooked around the edgeand little holes have come to thesurface of the pancake have a littlelook under the pancake and on the countof three a nice confident flip as soonas it’s turned nice to give it anotherlittle rub with butter and after oneminute you’ll have a beautiful fluffygorgeous pancake ready to be taken sweetor savory so there you go guys that is afoolproof pancake recipe

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