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How to make my SPECIAL Pancakes with an 8YR old

This morning I decided to finally teach Leanna how to make my special pancakes..

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Video Transcription

[Music][Laughter]especially ingredient why are you movingover and I got a special guest with metoday she’s gonna be my happy helperyour name isthey can’t hate you okay press thingsfirst you got to pour some of that intothere don’t get too carried away alittle bit you got do with two handsthat way you don’t get too carried awayI’ll tell you when to stop slow downslow down tilt the back up a little bitnow usually you’re supposed to pourdepending on how many Ohdepending on how many pancakes you needdude open it straight you gonna it’sgonna splash everywhereslow down slow down you gotta go slowthis is where you go slow go slow whyare you going while you’re pouring I’mgonna be mixing you know go down slowdown slow downgo ahead 11 more now keep going alrightkeep goingthe key is you gotta make it enough sothat all this powder stop stop thatmight be an hour so you see how I gotextra watery now here you gotta keepspinning it keep spinning it until itgets what it has so that that will getrid of the more you spend the more thechunks will get rid of the chunks isjust a powder so what happened was whenyou add water and you’re not spinningand for everyone out there this is thegetaway to do it because we’re using afork I’m supposed to use likethe Liana’s going strong right nowalright so this is how you test it testit by how it drops so you see how it’snot dropping perfect that means it’s notready yetsee how it’s kind of like still thickput a little bit of a little bit alittle bit pour like a little drop no noMike oh that’s good yeah[Music]so we know it’s ready because it’sflowing nicely already do it again toshow the people a nice flow so that’swhat we’re waiting for now when I addthe special ingredients alright so keepspinning I’m gonna slowly add thespecial ingredient while she is spinningyeah your eyes we can’t think wecan’t tell you what it is but if you canguess in the comments slow down if youcan guess in the comments then you’regood to let everybody know if you canguess what the special ingredient is itstarts in two s alright so the specialingredient it’s no specific amount it’sjust enough to give it a solid Oh lightyou’re gonna see it now all right maybeit needs a little bit more Shane oh justbe quiet about it you don’t have to sayanything they probably already know bynow so now it’s something really goodnow it’s time to get the pan heatedthat’s a great person’s jobwe got a turn this on six is a preferredbut I’m not telling some more what elseyou know about itbullying and burn our pancakes todaywe’re gonna make the best pancakes youhave eight today should eyes pancakesjust one quick circleoh all right that was a little bitoverdue cartoon do you remember has aspatula well you’re gonna be spongeabout today you got your own spatula soyou want me to pour and you flip or youwant to flip and me pour and bring thepancake we don’t want to burn thepancake we like perfect see it’ll watchitthis is yep so when you see it gettingholes that means it’s cooking throughthat means it’s it’s doing what it’ssupposed to be doingthat’s when you know when to flip itwhen you see a good amount of holes yousee the edges are starting to puff up soyou got to give it a second to cookhow you gonna do it yeah that’s a stiffit’s a stiff onealright so I think it’s good so oh mygod that one’s not it’s not burntsometimes it has to be nice and crispyon the edge so you get a nice good flipthat’s good that’s not burnt that’s athat’s a commercial pancake net from myeye you think this is burnt no it looksgoodI mean you get a plate for you it’s justnice and crispy some difference now I’mjust making sure it’s evenly cooked thatway you don’t have a half cooked pancakefirst one on the road all right next oneyou’re gonna pour it you know how topour it scoop it all and get in themiddle go in the middle oh oh yeah keepit close to each other go ahead pour itall in there get it all in there it’snot gonna be a circle but we’ll makesomething oh my god I can’t hold it[Music]who said this is mine it’s cooking quickit looks like look it looks like aperson you don’t see the head shape thisis a person that should I made out ofthis crispy pink cake yeah this is thehead this is her hair how about yoursmine nice circle pancake made by mwahmwah this is my pink now I’m gonna putsome Nutella on it to make a smiley faceand you’re use the used if you have theknife in your hand that’s pretty thick Inow I just need to make my lashesI’m not listen this isn’t a decorationcontestdon’t don’t even do this at home I don’tneed this is so hard don’t either trythe same your ad cakesyes don’t you right guys here’s mydefinitely ruined my amazing pancakewith my special ingredient set throwsome Nutella on there I’m gonna enjoy mylittle mini sized head pancakeyeah asses with some syrup I might tryit with this partand this is my finding slightly allright let’s let’s let’s show hermasterpiece I know how it looks like youthere you go alright let me pour somesyrup on mine special party theimportant part about eating breakfasteat your pinky not listening and youknow who that is you have makingpancakes with me today you are you ohwait yeah you are waiting for me youwait in this one it’s good you werethinking it was it tastes like tell thepeople what the special pancake tasteslike and that was a secret agreementthat you just told everybody yahoocouldn’t figure it out specialingredient is cinnamon just the rightamount of sits to make this up this islike a family recipe we used to do weused to make pancakes with cinnamon allthe time when I’m older I’m gonna makethe hugest cake in the world[Music]she’s a young shining star and themaking she’s soon will be on thisYouTube life that’s the goal bye see younext weekend and next morning I meanwhen we wake up in the next morning thattoday and you know what better it’simportant day so yeah you should[Laughter]we’re slowly gonna start again into thedaily day like today was just anotherday in the kitchenwe were whipping Leon to make somepancakes on when y’all see thatwe just amazingI still think I got the hottest pancakeson the block of anybody ever want totest me have a pancake war yeah and ourstreet Oh master it is those pancakeswho are amazing I’m gonna have someorange juice you know me tooto balance out the pancake and we willbe on with the day I hope everybody hasan amazing dayand I hope you had some amazingbreakfast because we did and thank youfor supporting

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