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How to make my special pancakes🥞(how to make pancakes)

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Video Transcription

hey what is up guys and old Mac to mychannel and today we are making pancakeseat pancakes so yeah please subscribedown below turn on post notificationsand yep so let’s get on with the pinkyalright guys so you so the way I usuallymake it I use this type of pancake mix Iput it inside and then I mix it withcinnamon that’s why it’s this color thatmakes it cinnamon and I use milk insteadof waterI use almond milk it’s doing the sameand it taste is great so now I’m justgonna add a little bit of milk at a timeseeokay yeah good not too bad so I’m goingto add more all right and usually I keepit like this liquid ease because itmakes it nice and yummyall right so here it is and now we’regonna put pin so yes go to that gonnawant to set it for and we usually makethree at a time so yeah and one of thetimes we’re gonna just flip it and alittle bit once the bottom is cookingand yeah we put butter first and yeah solet’s wait for it to cook when you putbutter it taste is way better than likethe spray stuff or anything like that soreally recommend um butter and usuallywe put butter on the top to also keep itnice and crispy when you flip it so yeahjust a little tip there okay guys so weusually use real butter and that alwaysmakes it delicious so I really recommendusing real butter and yeah and it’s morehealthy so really recommend real butterfor pancakesso yeah alright guys so we just flip thepancakes kind of a mess but they’recrispy like I said they’re crispy on theedges when you use real butter so yeahand it’s really really yummy guys so hekeeps it cooking right here and yeah soafter this we’re gonna be making asmoothie right yeah we’re gonna bemaking a smoothie that is one of myfavorites yeah so this is just gonna bedelicious and it’s a black berrysmoothie um and yeah i’ll show you itlater but pancakes are cooking so i needto get a plateokay most bigger plate a bigger plate abigger plate okay okay all righthopefully the pkq not so there’s apancake pretty good and we’re just gonnaflip it one more time because other sidewasn’t cooked that rape um so yeah we’rejust gonna flip them all oh this onebroke okay and this one definitely needsit because it’s kind of wrong it wasn’tkind of rough um so yeah I’m gonna do ittaste test okay so we’re gonna do tastetestgood so if you just dance yeahokay so I’m gonna grab the plate we havethe plate hereone cake cake dance go this is messy heypinky alright that seems to be good sofar and we still have more batches to goshe’s putting my grandma’s pudding milkto make it better and it’s really goodum so I’m just gonna scrape off threenow I’m just scraping it off like theedges that are stuckOh everybody annoys so that’s gonna getdumpedokay Oh more all right and I’ll get backwith you guys once that’s all stirred upso yeah all right guys so we’re gonnaput the batter in or so far all right Iknow they’re gonna be like the dang ismaking everythingit’s really making cakes all right sowho needs a batter more liquidy becauseit becomes better we did put butteragain and that’s what really creates thesizzles and the deliciousness so yeahyes it’s cooking right now and itactually it looks really good as you cansee guys we made it extra liquidybecause it makes it delicious and justabsolutely all right guys so I thinkit’s time to flip the pancakes so let mebring you guys here with me so there’sthe pancakes and let’s flip themyou record not in the other way likethis there we go alright and we’re gonnaflip this one now it’s okayoh that was perfectthere we go okay so this one is kind ofa fail and yeah but hopefully that’sgoodlike it’s not too bad this one’s theperfect one right here that one’s reallygood I like that one I was gonna saycute I don’t know I like that onebecause it’s really tangy and yes we’rejust gonna wait for those to cook andthen I’ll be right back alright guys sopancakes are gone we’re putting it on itto the plateokay cakes a plate oh that one rightthere is that one that got stuck that’snot coming out so there might be alittle problem but we’re gonna try toget getting that out and then we’ll beright back and then we’ll make the thirdbatch of Pancakesand a yep still worth feeding a familytonight alright guys so here’s anothertip if you put more butter onto the panthen needed then you want you to put themore butter later on when you flip it soyeah that’s it sure good tip so yeah soright now we’re just putting it mygrandma’s puttin it before me becauselast time that was them not too good itwas good but like I only did like twobaby ones so yeah yeah it might need amix that um because you put it too closetogether but I think it’s fine so whowe’re gonna keep itokay so taste it well like to be honestlike it’s always really soft and crispywhen you make it like the way I do so Ireally recommend that so yeah it’sreally fluffy a lot of times when it’sextra liquidy so really recommend thattoo and youso here the pancakes yeah now we must soyeah let’s top flip the pancake okay nowbecause it’s ready so we’re gonnaseparate it just a little bit just likeokay there’s a pot of burn so no timethey’re too close together okay allright so so I’m just gonna separatethese while they’re still on here soit’s fine it’s fineit’s okay you just have to improvisestuff a lot of times and it’s find itand bit rise because yeah maybe okay Iwant my finger all right so pretty goodpretty good I think it’s ready so comewith me all right there we goand yeah so let’s move on to our lastbatch which is our fourth batch andthere’s only a little bit left so ourbaby it will just make one or two andyes so let’s go do that so a lot oftimes if you make the pancake too bigthen it becomes way too big and fluffyand they don’t cook in the middle sousually it’s better just to have a tightlike not tiny pancake but about a mediumsize and not too big of a pancake and ayacht stuff herephilosopher a Bosch which is just gonnabe one pancake that should be goodenoughoh and this has no cinnamon so it’s justnormal pancake batter with um with milkno water we don’t use water we use milkbecause it becomes more yummy and crispyand it’s just so much better with milkand usually you use almond milk andalmond milk is the best well Ipersonally think that almond milk is thebest to use for pancakes so yeah youshould really try it because I reallyrecommend so yeah so here it it thatburnt thing but here is the one nocinnamon and that’s the one withcinnamon um what’s in a minute actuallytaste is way better than just plainpancake but I mean if you don’t likecinnamon or you’re allergic or somethinglike thatI do recommend also using just normalone cuz that’s before I didn’t even knowI should add cinnamon so yeah so when Ilearned how to accent it it’s deliciousand you could also add a little bit ofalmond extract to it to make it havemore flavor and it’s always deliciouswith that so yeah so here is the normalone and here is the cinnamon one so yeahand guys we also use oranges and we makefresh orange juice out of that we don’tuse the ones from the stores so yeah wedo live a cunningkind of healthy lifestyle here um butyeah so the orange juice was for mylittle brother we’re gonna make theblack berry smoothie um which in Spanishis motive for us um so yeah so we weregonna make that for everyone to drinkand yeah so here the pancakes pancakesit’s fine how could it um anyway sohere’s the one with cinnamon I mean withall cinnamon it needs a little morebutter and it’s not cooking so yeah youcan tell it’s really soft it does have acouple bubbles I don’t know why likethose aren’t there like air bubbles thatcreated so you got back there we’remaking eggs for my little brother andyeah so here this docbook pancakes I’mgonna eat this it’s good so there mightbe like I don’t know like eight pancakesin here so yeah so let’s move on towhat’s it called it the smoothie andyeah so we’re gonna make this movie nowall right guys so I just important thatthe smoothie was already made so if youwant a recipe on or how we make itcomment down below and yeah so in thenext video maybe I will be showing youguys how to make the black berrysmoothie but here it is so yeah it haslots of bubbles and it’s really goodso yeah thanks for watching I hope youguys enjoyed my way to make pancakes andyeah mwah bye don’t forget to subscribe

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