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HOW TO MAKE Korean Sweet Pancakes! Hotteok 호떡 | Cook with Me in Seoul, South Korea | DAILY VLOG

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year! in 2020 I want to learn to cook/ cook more~ So this is a great start hahah I should probably be more healthy too but let’s start with baby steps 🙂

Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

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Video Transcription

hello everyone welcome to this new videotoday I’m going to be making hop I foundthis at a mart and if you’ve beenwatching my channel for a while you knowthis is like the one thing I want to eatsince coming to Korea and I can neverfind it it says the seed Sean told methis is gonna be a big one so he choseit actually everything is inside I guessand it’s ball in the Korean obviouslyhe’s not helping me but I’m gonna botherhim like what I need so let’s open thisup Amit this isyou mix I think it’s like a sweet stuffmaybe Oh instant yeast oh no I don’tknow what’s happening cook so this andalso came with this package and on theback this has something like yeastattached but we need 200 milliliters ofwarm water so I just have this aroundnew bottle thing I don’t know if you cansee but there’s like measurements on itfirst of all we put the green mixed up[Music][Applause]oh it’s clumpy see now we’re gonna putthe yeast the hell is these doing looklike it’s like kind of brown colorOh[Music][Music]no idea if this is right or wrong but Ifeel like it’s doing something[Music]the box says mix for two to threeminutesbut I didn’t time myselfso I’m actually gonna cover that up umfor like five to ten minutes I guessthis is actually like brown sugar andcinnamon so I’m gonna make this this iswhat we’re actually going to put insidethe coffee mix where my closers hey guysso what I’m gonna do if I don’t actuallyhave gloves just like mix it up so I’mjust gonna put a little bit oh I alreadywash my hands Bernie please oh that’sjust my assistant in the back there sodon’t take a little bit like how big isgood[Music]does not feel good tell you right now[Music]ground turning it I’m assistant I wouldlike for you to inserts for the goods Imean put the sugar stuff in here that’sthe wallet okay yeah I’m gonna post thewhole this doesn’t know it’s right it’sjust in me I need a professionalwhy isn’t you stickies oh I feel itinside okay oh oh oh oh no oh no ohno I can keep it too much I want to sayI don’t know where it went wrongbut along its opening it’s okayenough oh is it okay I don’t thinkthough okay so I failed we’re gonna showyou how what you’re really done now okaybring in the professional well maybe youneeded to need itoh my god it’s not sticking forever whatwhat have you made holdup before whatthat’s too muchoh my god okay[Music]okaywe’ll see[Music]I’m gonna try making the last oneguess I just needed a lot of oil morebigger yes yes hard you just go hereokay and then decide decide okay yepso easy yes[Applause][Music]oh my god it’s happeningohburning please sure dark[Music]fifteen years a fan is smokeyou just could oh you just could melt itin there[Music]hey guys I’m in China[Music][Applause]and there’s like nuts or something inherepeanuts maybe and the brown sugar andthe wah-wah-wah[Music]I’ve been craving this for probablyalmost a month and I finally got it it’sso good and I can easily make it alleasily I can make it at home with thehelp of my husband comment down belowwhat other cream foods you want to seeme try to make keyword try this is sogood though so I don’t know where I wentwrong with the batter earlier and theyeast maybe I need to like to mix itmore or like if had gloves you know Icould really get in there but I mean Iforgetting more oil cuz I think thefirst time I didn’t have enough oil inmy hand so it was really sticky but thenlater I had more oil and it worked a lotbetter so if you guys want to try thisat home just look for the box that Ishowed you guys before if it’s in yourin your neighborhood if there’s like acream market like H Mart or somethingI’m sure you guys can try to andeverything’s inside you don’t needanything else besides water so I thinkI’m gonna make a cup of tea to go withthis but this is so good let me knowwhat other kind of foods you want to seeme try to make and I will probably trythere’s no if I’m trying right anywaysthank you so much for watching and Iwill see you guys tomorrow bye[Music]

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