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How to make korean leek pancake (간단 한국식 부추전 만드는 법)

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Video Transcription

hello today we will make leek pancake
it is Korean style pancake today’s
ingredient is leek and onion and Korean
chili pepper and referees waited muscles
now we will chop the leek around 2 or 3
centimeters now let’s put the lid on the
mixing bowl just you prepare the Cara o
onion I will use just this
we just read really cut the house hipper
and it is a little bit iced
so we wash this muscle ow owie for the
Korean pancake mixed flour three or five
no just makes it
you can also just the water just water
again I think you like very small you
can also adjust the amount of the size
of pancake
okay I just finished making our pancake
house it is it good okay
just enjoy

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