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How to make…healthy pancakes?

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Video Transcription

hey y’all see we just coming in July and
so today I’m going to go and try to make
breakfast so I’m gonna make some healthy
pancakes out same old that means I’m
also gonna make sausages and a few other
things about really sure but bye
alright hey y’all so we just got to
publish that everybody look we got some
things alright alright let’s see
absolutely one of my favorite grocery
stores on Florida’s yeah I don’t have
one of these on this down here knife
right so I’m currently going to go check
have to make four I’m so excited and I’m
hey you all but listen so I just got
home and so now listen look to my
ingredients and so now we want to get
started also check out my new kitchen
will quick general focus thing so you go
heyyou is period
you know
come on somebody this one
what what happened oh my gosh this is
the burnt part
this is the Bertrand
hey what’s welcome back to our channel
so today our ej made some very healthy
Tilton oatmeal mixed pancake so in here
you’ll have flour yeah oh that’s kind of
a healthy alternative to your kind of
buttermilk pancakes and so we don’t want
to do that we’re gonna go ahead and use
our pure natural maple syrup sponsored
by Jackie O Perry just like that and
it’s really to get super easy if the
kids are going off the schooling time
did this really quickly this is a nice
annex see you up come on fire use that
spoon right here when you bite it
looking tasty camera ton of whoo baby
period come on we go that’s right yeah
look girl that’s right everyone sticking
your tongue no no no no we can’t escape

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