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How to Make Giant Pancakes in a RICE COOKER!


Helloooo there and welcome back!! Today we have a really fun recipe I recommend testing out this weekend–a giant, thick, fluffy pancake in made in a rice cooker! Maybe seems random, but I got the idea from watching a Buzzfeed video on how to make giant fluffy pancakes on the stovetop by steaming them in a pan. So, I thought a rice cooker would be a fun alternative! 😁 Would definitely recommend–these came out so tasty, and for sure more playful than a regular short stack. Hope you enjoy!!

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Music courtesy of Nicolai Heidlas “Morning Sun” and “Happy Chances.”

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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s Rachel what’s up and
welcome back to my channel and today we
are doing kind of a testing a hack video
where we are going to be making a giant
pancake in a rice cooker which is a
sentence I never thought I would say in
my life but I thought it’d be a cool
idea because I’ve seen BuzzFeed make
these super fluffy pancakes that look
amazing the general technique they use
is basically to kind of steam the
pancakes and so I thought it seems like
a rice cooker would be a really good way
to do that so I think it’s gonna be a
good time I hope you guys enjoy it and
then you also have a good time and yeah
I think that’s all there is to it if you
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subscribe button and turn on those
notifications as well and then if you
have not already pre-ordered the kawaii
sweet world cookbook which comes out on
July 30th you can do so at kawaii slash book and you can find
all of the pre-order information on that
site all right I think that is enough
talking for me for now without further
ado let’s operate and do it alright so
to start off we’re gonna make our
pancake batter you need one and a half
cups of flour three and a half teaspoons
of baking powder 1/2 teaspoon of salt
and then one tablespoon of sugar go
ahead and whisk that all through get it
combined you know the drill
then we’re gonna add in one and a
quarter cups of milk a single egg and
three tablespoons of melted butter just
for a nice richness then I’ll grab my
whisk again mix it all through a few
lumps and the batter is totally fine I
didn’t really have any this time but if
you do don’t sweat it
and so now it’s time to cook the
pancakes for the first trial run I just
pour this into my greased rice cooker
and then I noticed that a lot of recipes
suggest putting your rice cooker on keep
warm which I assume is meant to be just
really gentle in the cooking and so then
I flipped it on to keep warm and then I
let that cook for about 30 minutes I
want to say and then when I checked it
at this point it was raw completely and
so I decided maybe not yet so then I
flipped it on for another 30 minutes or
so to cook it for a total of one hour
and at this point it was looking nice
and cooked you can see it springs back
when you poke it which is good so then I
went ahead and ran a knife around the
the rice cooker and I’ve grabbed a plate
went ahead flipped it over looks pretty
good to me honestly the top looks kind
of burned but from this angle looks like
kind of a shadow in the back so
all-in-all I considered this pretty much
a success a little crispy on top but not
a huge problem for these second trial
run I decided to whip up another batch
of the pancake mix which by the way you
could totally throw in some blueberries
strawberries banana chocolate chips
whatever you like and then I poured that
into my greased rice cooker again and
this time I wanted to put it on to the
white rice setting just to see what
would happen now for white rice though
my only goes for like 12 minutes at a
time so then I checked it every interval
about 6 times until it was like 3 a.m.
and I was running out of time and
patience and I just decided to take it
out the rest hooker it turns out as
really really is meant for cooking rice
and so then I just flipped it out onto a
plate and decided to kind of give it a
microwave if it needed to finish cooking
which I know is cheating but basically
from this experiment I deduced white
rice will work but I think it really
depends on your individual rice cooker
and then for my final trial run I
decided to put some parchment in the
bottom of the pan kind of hoping it
would help decrease any burning on the
top and then I also set it for steam
this time so i steamed that for 25
minutes at first you can probably guess
it was still super raw at that point but
in total after about 50 minutes to an
hour a toothpick inserted in the center
came out clean so then I just grabbed a
knife ran it around the outside and then
flipped it out onto a plate this came
out just as kind of crispy on top as the
first one if not more so
so my experiment didn’t super work but
it’s not completely blackened or
charcoal II looking so I figured it was
probably still safe so now it’s time for
the taste test I went ahead and added
some strawberries some butter syrup the
works and these were so good oh my gosh
they are just super fluffy buttery
they’re nice and moist on the inside too
and it’s just a really satisfying
pancake because it’s nice and thick
overall I would a hundred percent
recommend this I do
if you had a non-stick rice cooker bowl
instead of a metal one that would really
help prevent any burning but even with
the kind of crispy top still totally
fine in my opinion so I hope you guys
enjoyed this little experiment I had a
lot of fun doing it hope you give it a
try and now that our pancakes are
finished let’s hop into the outro
alright guys so that is our giant rice
cooker pancake a little experiment and I
hope you guys enjoyed it I have a lot of
fun with it and if you like this video
make sure you tap that subscribe button
and turn on those notifications as well
you can pre-order the kawaii seaworld
cookbook at kawaii sweet
WorldCom slash book I’ll link my last
video right down there and I think that
is about it for now thank you so much
for watching and I’ll see you all back
here very soon bye guys

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