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How to make fluffy pancakes with scrambled eggs / Almond flavor pancakes with scrambled eggs

Almond Flavor Fluffy Pancakes with Scrambled Bacon Ham-steak Eggs.

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Video Transcription

hi welcome to my channel Beautybreakfast lunch and dinner here we’regonna be making some breakfast so hereI’m just cracking open about five eggs Iput in some parsley and I sprinkle itover with some adobo sprinkle it lightlybecause you’re gonna be adding somebacon ham steak and onions to it so it’salready gonna have the flavor from thebacon and the salt but if you like saltythings go for it so here I’m whisking upall my eggs and then I already have apan going with my bacon I want to makesure that it’s crisping up but not allthe way because it tends to burn on thebottom and I’m gonna add my egg mixturedirectly on top of the bacon and the hamsteak is a really really finely cubedhere I throw in my onions on top and Isaute that all together just keep onmixing and then soon what I’m gonna bedoing is putting in my egg mixture juston top of that and I will put a lid onit and I will be watching it for aboutfive minutes but without lifting up thelid yet okay so you’re gonna leave thatsitting and then you can start workingon your pancake mix here I’m using ontomorrow’s pancake mix but you usewhatever makes that is of your liking oryou can make it from scratch but hey Iuse the box kind here I’m using aboutthree cups worth of it and the waterpart for me was kind of tricky so Iadded two cups and a half of water to mymixture and I’m whisking it all and youcan see that I just didn’t get it to theconsistency that I really wanted yet soI just kept adding water until I foundyou know the perfect consistency that Iwas looking for I enjoy fluffy pancakesso the little bit thicker not runnypancake mix is the one that makes thepancakes perfect for me and my liking sohere I’m going to check on our baconagain with our ham steak onions parsleyand otherhere I’m just scraping off a little bitfrom the bottom then tossing it over andas soon as I’m tossing it all over whatI’m gonna do is that I’m gonna put thelid back on it but I’m gonna remove itfrom the heat and it should cookcompletely here I’m gonna add one egg tomy pancake mix I just like adding an eggI like the consistency and texture of itHere I am I’m whisking it all togetherand I forgot to add the almond extractthis gives it a nice little room up andflavor to itokay so I don’t use butter on my pans Iuse oil because I find that if thebutter tends to burn and you have toreapply the butter to it so just byapplying the oil and making that littlethin coat of it it’s gonna be veryresistant and you can finish your wholebatch of pancakes without having just toreapply oil and if you were using thebutter you would have to looks like putbutter every single time into the pan Iknow it gives it that nice littlebuttery flavor but hey I can livewithout it because my syrup is butterflavoredso I was always taught that if you seeyour pancake bubbling on one side itmeans it’s already cooked so that meansit’s ready to be flipped over and hereyou can see that it’s rising and gettingnice and fluffyyouand there you have it you have almondflavored pancakes with scrambled eggswith bacon and ham steak and a parsleywith onions and I garnished it with redpeppers serve up some coffee have agreat breakfast and thank you so muchfor watchingbeauty breakfast lunch and dinneryou

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  1. Hi I’m just curious at what temperature you had your pan. I always burn on one side and it’s true the butter burns too fast but then again nice job keep up the good work.

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