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How To Make Fluffy Pancake

How To Make Luscious and mouth-wateringly delicious pancakes. easy step by step recipe with English and Somali subtitles.
This is my Lazy day breakfast and it is scrumptious.
This pancake batter is the same as the Japanese soufflé pancake and it is as fluffy as that. I personally don’t like thick pancakes even if airy as this ones but if you want you can just turn this into Japanese pancake. With this you have Cloudy soft and heavenly pancake that will be a hit with your family But I make it for myself, I am selfish like that hehehe
1/4 cup Flour(preferably cake flour)=Rubac bikeeri Bur ah
3 eggs=3 ukun
1/2tsp Baking Powder=nus Qaado yar(Qy) oo Fixiso ah
1/4 tsp Vanilla essence=Rubac qaado yar oo carfiso ah
3 Tbsp Sugar= 3 qaado weyn(Qw) sokor
1 1/1 tbsp whole milk= Qw iyo nus caano dhey ah
1 tbsp icing sugar= Qw sokor budo ah
1/2 cup whipping cream = Nus bikeeri labeenta la garaaco ah.
1 Tbsp Honey=1Qw malab
Fruits of your choice, I used kiwis as they are my favorite= Furutadaad jeceshay ama heli kartid isticmaal, aniga kiwi aan isticmaalay/

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