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Video Transcription

hello to all my friends out there sohere we are again last night I foundthis I don’t know what these things arecalled oil burning lamp I I don’t haveenough I don’t know how to do this I’mkind of researching you know so Ifinally I wanted to buy one of these atthe thrift stores and I couldn’t findthem because I think they’d be good tosell it to swap meet all right so what Iwant to make is some pancakes so I wantto give you guys the recipe take ascreenshot of this what if you don’thave pancake mix it’s really easy tomakeso you want to stockpile Spile flourbaking powder salt sugar eggs you canuseegg replacer milk and shortening that’sall you need so I mixed all the greatI’ve I wanted to do this I mixed all thedry ingredients together because this iskind of how I make the I make the piecrust and what else do I make like thisbiscuits so I have all the dryingredients mixed together this is halfa batch okay I’ve got to attend to mygravy here so what I’m doing is I’mmaking I’m making food using all thefood that I already have so okay so I’mgoing to make a well if you don’tovermix your pancakes they’re gonna turnout this is half a batch a 2 cups flour5 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoonsalt 3 tbsp sugar so now I have I’m justmaking a halfso what did I do it’s my egg I here itisso it would be 2 eggs 2 cups milk andwhat I want to use is my evaporated milkuh it could be powdered milk it could bemy oils getting to us one thing that canreally mess up your pancakes is when theoil is too hot so I think I like theWalmart evaporated milk a little betterthan the aldis if I can get carnation Iwill take that but I so so one cup milkand 1/3 cup oil while I’d be 2/3 cups noit’s 1/6 cup shortening I’m using oilthese are the balls are nice I use themall the timeso one thing if you stockpile ifsomething happens you’ll have food inthe house or it’s another good way to toprepare for quarantinethat’s one disaster I really didn’tconsider another thing if you’re onSocial Security anything can happenanything and everything can happen I’veshowed people who’ve been on it aresaying to themselves yeah that’s true Iheard people say that they didn’t get itand truthfully I didn’t believe them butI don’t know whether to believe them soI’m going to pour the wet ingredientsinto the dry and even at 1/2 batch sowhat I’m doing really is I’m justwetting my flour that’s like when I makepie crust or you can mix it from themiddle outwards or from the edgesinwards what you’re really wanting to dois just wet your flour so you’ll havesome nice tasty fluffy type pancakesokay so now I want to make some pancakesand what I have to go with my pancakesis I have three pieces of turkey baconleft that I bought a Dollar Treeso I hope my oil is okay so what I’vebeen doing is when I cook I cook enoughfood for the whole entire day so that Idon’t have to keep cooking and lastmonth fortunately I was being as cheapas I possibly possibly could beI want the lumps pretty much out usuallyI make about a quarter cup I make smallpancakes I think they’re easier tocontrol but you could make really bigpancakes as well this pan seen betterdays as wellso I would say with this 1/2 a batch iseasily going to make 6 pancakes and soI’m just gonna make 3/4 right now andthen I will make the rest up later okayso now last night I made gravy this ismy turkey meat gravy and I didn’t havevery much gravy left it was mostlyturkey so I moved the gravy over to oneside I put a little margarine I sprinkleflour and I just made a little bit moregravy all right so now I want to moveover here I’m actually making two mealsat one time last night I was saying andI think I will really do this too onetime and so you know as long as thislettuce or cabbage I don’t think itreally mattersso I I’m kind of liking my lettuce cutreally thin I’m gonna keep doing thatthat was nice last nightand I think this lettuce that you buy inthe head stays fresher longer when Ibought these Tomatoes I got a bunch oflittle ones for a dollar so I think I’mliking that tooso today I only walked one hour I justdidn’t want to walk you know when youget older you have gotta exercise likeit or not these are pretty good littleTomatoes so I ate one and I have aboutseven or eight left so this is a way togo okay so now about I don’t know two orthree weeks ago I bought a lot of nuts Iwas doing these things the differencebetween the lower class and the upperclass I want to sprinkle some my greaseis perfectthat doesn’t happen generally whenyou’re trying to do videos everythinggoes wrong with the temperature lifesays do this and I started doing thatand these bags are a dollar at DollarTree and these nuts go forever I don’tknow how many batches of pancakes I’vemade I mean you can load your pancakesdown with these nuts and they tastereally good tooand then you know I had raisins so Imight as well have a few raisins on mypancakes okay so now I’m back over hereto my salad so one of the things I havein my refrigeratorneeds to be used up as cheese I have twokinds that meat to be used upI have mozzarella and I will probablyuse that tomorrow and I’ll show you andthen I have I have this Dollar Treecheddar cheese you guys should try itit’s pretty good it’s only a dollar sowhat I’m really doing is just eating allthe food in my refrigerator and freezerlast month before I knew I had problemswhat happened is they took 125 dollarsout of my Social Security for MedicarePart B and they said okay well we’llgive you food stamps and you can go thefood banks but it’s it’s been it’s thetwelve this has been going on since theweek before the end of January and soyou basically you can see I’d be inpretty bad shapeit’s called a quarantine the thing is Idon’t think these quarantine conditionswere coming on suddenly I’m trying tofind my olives and I don’t think I canso if you can stockpile a few olives Imean very few what do I have in here noolives that save me olive juice so theseolives are really going to up thenutrition on my salad nuts on my saladand this is really good I bought this atif this was four dollar dressing and Ibought it for for a dollar at groceryoutlets so if you can get higher qualityitems okay so that’s the second thingnow back over here alright so now Ishould be able to flip my tasty pancakesif you guys haven’t tried the nuts tryityikesoops yummy these look good okay so nowwhat I want to do is I want to put somebutter a little bit of margarine I keptthis in the in the freezer so that Idon’t possibly run out of of margarineso you know my butter melts into mypancakes everything goes wrong whenyou’re trying to do this but it’s gonnabe tasty when I get it done it’s goingto be done in a minute and there’s areason I want to do this and I’m goingto show you what it is okay so now onthis one pancake I want to have peanutbutter and I want to do this because Ithink peanut butter at the food bank andI want to put a generous amount ofpeanut butter I want to pretend oh no Idon’t have much food that’s okay thingsare gonna be okay you guys okay let’s goover here and so in here I mean this iswhat I really do I think this is mosthelpful not telling you showing you so Igot these rolls and I heated them youknow in the oven- have a good markdown bin and so I gotthe rolls markdown 75 cents and this isthe second time and I have a little Colato drink not being perfect okay so it’sprobably the first thing I’m gonna eatfor surewith those rollsokay now so we have gravy rolls now backover here to my tasty pancakes even ifyou go wow I don’t like that I don’twant to eat that just keep it into themthe back of your mind you know in caseyou ever go broke or in case somethinghappensimagine being quarantined and youwouldn’t maybe wouldn’t think of thiswhen you could’ve right now back overhereso this is quite a bit of food so thisone has margarinethis one has margarine and this one hasmargarine and peanut butter yummy andthen what we used to do and a lot ofpeople really like to do is eat pancakeswith sugar this is good go well that’sfattening this is no time to be worriedabout diets you guys and then on thethird one I will have some strawberryjam that I bought for a dollarI like this stuff it’s very deliciousstrawberry jam from Dollar Tree and thenI have one more thing and so you can seeI have plenty of food I made someroasted chicken to go with my salad andwhat I did was yummyI know okay good a cooking schoolCuisinart cooking school and there’s oneit’s called Cuisinart cooking schoolpoultry so I sprinkle my chicken firstI’ve washed my chicken with salt Isprinkled salt and pepper and not alemon zest but I had lemon juice timeand then on the underneath side lemonthyme and mixed herbs I just poured thison my chicken and I got the mixed herbssomewhere so if you’re if you’restockpilingI want to you guys this is tastyremember I have my seeds under therelook at thatpeanut butter is good on pancakes ifyou’ve never tried it what I’m doing isI’m preparing a little bit for when Iwill get where does this call foodstampsI can buy chicken breast with the bonelet’s see if it’s done yeah it’s perfectas cheap as I can buy legs and thighs ifI get them on sale yummy so this is agood-looking piece of chicken so what Iwill do is I will just eat it eat what Iwant and then I will just put the resteven the pancakes will be fine and Istill have more than enough pancakebatter for three more pancakes and Iwill freeze those okay you guys pleaselike comment and subscribe and god blessyou all

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