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How To Make Fluffiest Pancake By Mastah Chef – POLITEKNIK KOTA MALANG

For 4 pancakes
• 35 gr Flour, sifted
• ½ Teaspoon baking powder
• 1Teaspoon vanilla extract
• 1 ½ Tablespoon milk
• 2 egg yolks
• 2 egg whites
• 25 gr sugar
• Salt
• 1 Tablespoon oil
First, separate the egg whites and the yolks.
Second,beat the yolk eggs.Add 1 ½ tablespoon milkand add 1 teaspoon vanilla extract,mix until froty.
Then, sift together flour and baking powderand pinch of salt. Mix until combined. Be careful don’t overmix.
After that, beat white eggs until froty, add sugar a little at a timeand beat until hard peak form.
Then, mix 1/3 egg yolk mixture to the egg white, and pour back the egg yolk into the egg white. Mix with folding motion, try not to break the air bubble.
And then, Grease the pan with a little bit oil. Pour 3 tablespoon of batter (each). Cover and cook for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes flip the pancake.
Finally, serve the pancake while it is still warm.Put some topping.

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