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How to make easy pancake with banana

Hi guys mag luto tayo ng sampling breakfast
Noong bata pa kami sa province palage kami may saging ginagawa ng mother ko pancake
Sana nagustohan nyo.

Thank you so much for watching 🤞
Be always Positive 🤞👍

I love u all guy’s 🤗😊
To GOD be the Glory 🙏


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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause][Applause][Music][Music]anything other than setting up that bemissing like thinking somedayI am adding this mix lemon nothing onflowers[Music]when making[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]three weeks in tablespoon of sugardepending on bicep Anderson[Music]tinkling red pants Nero’s run pantingpanting one by oneyou guys Lena nothing say sirso by what we look no machine startbragging or reckless simply panting merose redyou know guys entanglement in my littlebubble nothing but liquor in his ice axyeah alright guys I think I need to turnturn it now by speaking yeah somebodyPyatt sorry sighs angel nothing amberlittering guys and I got some adaptersokayall right stop Stan I think pancakeenjoy eating with your favorite drinksgo party thank you for watching pleasedon’t forget to subscribe like andcomment and you can share to your friendif youlike this video thank you guys may Godbless you all and God bless me be alwayspositive bye guys thank you[Music]

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