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Video Transcription

[Music]hi I’m Maya welcome to my kitchen aftertwo or three days of cereal forbreakfast my children usually stage aprotest and demand something better butI’m always short of time in the morningsso I discovered an amazing way to makepancakes in under ten minutes using myblender it’s healthy it’s quick and it’seasy let me show you how we’re going totake a few eggs and crack them rightinto the blender[Music]without blending those we’re gonna add abit of sugar and you actually don’t needmuch sugar for these pancakes becausethe sweetness is going to come from someoverripe bananas sometimes I see theseand feel a bit guilty I don’t know whatto do with them at this stage this is agood use for your overripe bananas sowe’re just gonna peel these and throwthem in there you can use any kind ofoverripe fruit by the way if you haveover ripe pears cut them up and throwthem in they’ll make a great tastingpancake okay we’re gonna add a littlebit of vanilla essence and now we’regonna go for our first blend[Music]okay now we’re gonna add a little bit ofmilk and this is some nice naturalalmond oil if your children can eat nutsthis is a very healthy oil to put intheir pancakes and pour that in andwe’re going to give it one more blendbefore we add our dry ingredients[Music]okay I have here some gluten-free bakingmix it’s just a kind of a rice flourblend with a little bit of a racingagent in it if you’re not gluten-freeuse regular flour and add a teaspoon ofbaking powder to make your pancakes riseand we’re going to add this slowly sowe’re not going to add it all at oncebecause we don’t want our pancake batterto get too thick[Music]hey looks like I still need a bit more[Music]and here we go for our last batch nowI’m also going to add to these pancakessome chia seeds this is a nice way toadd fiber to your children’s breakfastsuper healthy and doesn’t taste reallylike anything in the pancakes so youmight as well sneak a little bit offiber into their breakfast[Music]okay so we’ve blended everything in thisone single blender and now I’m gonnapour it on the pan and you’ll get to seewhat the consistency should be like sowe’re gonna take some nice unsaltedbutter and just grease our pan if you’regonna make pancakes for breakfast usereal butter and then we’re gonna pourthis on and you’ll see what it lookslike okay now we’re gonna wait for theseguys to cook on one side it always takeslonger on the first side and what you’rewatching for is you’re watching forlittle bubbles to appear on the surfacethat’s how you know it’s time to flipyour pancakes okay so I think mypancakes are ready to flip[Music]and so what I’m gonna do now is let themcook on this side a little bit shorterthan the first side probably about 30seconds to a minute is all they need onthe second side there you have itblender pancakes in under 10 minutesthey’re healthy for your kids becausethey’ve got chia seeds in there for lotsof extra fiber and you can use up youroverripe fruit I’m Maya thanks forjoining me hope to see you again soon[Music]

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