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How To Make Delicious Gluten-Free, Vegan Pancakes

How I make my vegan, gluten-free (and guilt-free!) pancakes.

Power blender 2000W:

Ingredients for pancake batter: 2 cups of oats, 2 cups of coconut milk, 2-3 ripe bananas, Stevia or Monk fruit sweetener to taste.
Ingredients for jam: 500g of strawberries, 2-3 teaspoons of Chia seeds, sweetener to taste

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Video Transcription

Oh guys this is the otaku about healthyof healthy eating healthy food and todayI’ll show you quickly I’ve just did itthis Sunday beautiful pancakes glutenfree very simple very fast to make hopeyou enjoy it we’re going to make theGerman I’m going to make the pancakesI’ll just put a little bit of yogurt onthe side if you wish hope you enjoy itokay guys so what we need for making ourpancakes easy pancakes I call it ourblender and different one this time soyou have link below it’s very good Icould really recommend it it’s fantasticso I’ve got 2 cups of oats like I saidit’s extremely simple gluten free so 2cups of oats perhaps of any milky reallydesireI’ve got coconut milk that’s my favoritehowever almond milk any milk you wantand dairy-free so I recommend it coconutis very good unsweetened 1 so 2 cups 2cups no mail check for they see thatit’s a bit more later on for thethickness because we want it nice nicebutter from it so 2 cups of coconut milkI put 2 bananas mine are not so ripeit’s better to have a really nice yellowright bananas but you will do nicely Ihave a look at later again you know likeI told you I don’t really have recipesexactly exactly how it should bewith grams and everything else don’tworry about it just make sure later onwhen you blend it it’s got niceconsistency and I’ll show youso another thing I do obviously my monkfruit Oh stevia if you want I don’treally put a lot because banana is quitesweet so it’s all up to you try itwithout one pancake and if you think mmmcould do a bit more sweetness a littlebit alright would just mean just a tinylittle bit for myself okay this is ithow easy is that so I pop it onlineblender here and close it tight littlebit loud[Music]okay let’s have a look looks lovely sirJuan Trippe let me try let me sweeten upa thinghowever I’d be tempted to put one morebanana okay why it’s quite watery somaybe half banana and batching do thetrickokay then we get to make them oh that’sit keeps my mum in it[Music]it is very powerful blender fabulous sothis recipe I would say for two peopleyou got quite a lot of pancakesso I’ll show you in a minute how I willand will fry I’ll just pour it in afryer I’ll show you now okay okaygot my pan here this one is non-stickpanI tried I’m not touching the pan butjust feeling it the heat and it’s notquite hot enough you really need to makesure the pancake the you know it isquite hot to be your pan and it’s stillnot quite hot so I’ve got to wait aminute right I like to fry really mostof the time with no fat at all howeverthe coconut organic one is fabulous Iwould recommend it to if you wanna justto put tiny little bit however I triedto do without it’s getting hot so maybenot quite good I’m going to lift it up alittle bit hate to get the car a littlebit hot okay we’re getting there now gowhen I try itimpatiens derp that’s my name the middlename the one Hey and I do another onehereI will just have to fry it let’s seethis one is nearly touching hopefully hewill stop even lift it up if it does goto touch listen it’s not a problem youcan always cut it okay so he put it alot higher heat because it’s not quitehot but hopefully we get it yes it’sgetting now a little bit hotter so now Ican reduce it to seven even less nowwhen you get the hot pan really hot youdon’t need to be so so hot okay and thelast thing I do if you can cover it youcan cover it for a minute that will helpI’ll be back in a minute okay they areslightly getting ready not quite so I’mgoing to do I’m trying to lift it frommy pan don’t want it stick it shouldn’tstick my pan is normally very good butyou never know okay so a little bitlongerwell this one is quite ready you see sowhat I was thinking I will possibly puta little bit of fast next time because Idon’t want it to stick but I like to dowithout fat okay so my pancake herebut ready this one is getting readynearly to up it is okay so I just showyou if you want to get a little bit offat in there just a little bit of ganicI don’t really like a lot so I put myteaspoon in there Stephen gets quite hotthat’s a tiny bit and what I like to domy little brush so I minimize the oil Idon’t really want the oil not muchanyway okay so now he’s about seven isdefinitely too hot when you get thisbulk around listen up it four and fiveis more than half a so just give us onemore minute and I think P sound nicelydone pop Samba not quite ready itI’ll be back soon[Music][Music][Music]he quickly showing you cooking mystrawberry jam very fast I’ve put on myinduction cooker on six maybe even sevenjust seven I cut my strawberries inlittle quarters and being really sweetthese are gorgeous so let’s put this allin the pan left okayand practically just like all the jamsyou normally would put sugar I don’t putsugar the water will start coming outslowlyI’ve got wooden spoon so we just need towatching the Sun Tina really make surethat it doesn’t burn because we don’thave I don’t put any water because verysoon Prabhas will release the water okaynow what I use for sweetness I like touse is monk fruit organic it’s not soit’s very good alright I just used thatcourse with it sometimes I use as well[Applause]I’ve got stevia and stevia I use thatlittle bit for sweetness so not sugarokay the next thing to doif if you just don’t want to commitlonger okay and let her own what I wantto do and I will show you when heactually gets you to get more liquidyI will show you I’ll add chia seeds Iput my chia seeds I’ve got a two onesI’ll just pull tables really recipes Idon’t you just look at it and think thatwas just do nicely for me it works forme okay so come back to you in a minutewhen I when it’s actually what is comeout people I think probably one minutesnot even one minute but you can see it’sbecoming more liquid it okay so at thisstage I just won’t turn it down to aboutseven on my induction medium heat keepstaring now is the time to put a littlebit of stevia really it’s up to you howmuch sweetness you want you want you canalways do it to your own taste try itbasically so I don’t put all stevia Iput right bank roots just a few drops ofthe inner and keep turning another thingwhat I do as well when it gets quitesoft dish like that I take my fork andtry squeezing blow juice out of thestrawberries okay so you can do thatyourselfnow come back in a couple minuteshopefully that will just become morewatery thank youokay you can see now you can see is soWaltrip these lovely squashed quite afew strawberries you can taste it atthis stagesuch a lovely taste and for mine just alittle bit more stevia and I like abetter man fruit I would say you couldask me why I’m using stevia and Bankfruit stevia for me has that kind oftaste at the ends slightly differentamong fruit doesn’t Islam it’s just morelike sugar it’s actually really enjoyedman fruit but it’s quite expensive soadd a bit of both and quite happy withthe results okay as you can see it’slooking very nice I reduced it to fivenow I’m going to actually reduce it evento four okay and at this stage I’m goingto add a little bit of chia seeds and Iknow we’re going to say please tell ushow much chia seeds listen just do alittle bit first like do a coupletablespoons or one depends how muchRoberts you’ve got and just mix it andchia seeds what it doesnumber one is good for you plenty ofomega-3 as well in therehowever them as well it’s it willthicken you will fit in my jamso I’m going to put little bit more soanother tablespoon and I thinkpersonally that’s more than enough andnow I will just simmer for a bit untilthey look a little bit more thicker evenmore and then I pop in the jar and myjob was got to be readyfor my lovely pancakes got a cat waitI’ll speak to you in a minute okay sowe’ve done the gem I’ve just popped itin my jack place in the mason jars andthey will keep in a fridge for aboutthree to four days easy and normally onthe toast or anything else like thatsuper healthy and you know what’s goneinto it okay and we have done pancakesso the pancakes are heresmells delicious – a bit of jam you canserve you can serve it with the plantsbase obviously in my case definitelyplant-based yogurt a little bit on siteas well and that is just really reallydelicioushave a look at that wonderful I hope youenjoyed this video and if you haveplease like it and subscribe if you wantto see some more because there are lotsmore coming thank you[Music]

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