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How to Make Cinnamon Pumpkin Protein Pancakes | Sugar Free | State of Slim

🔹 It’s pumpkin time. Learn how to make sugar free cinnamon pumpkin protein pancakes. Recipe adapted from the State of Slim Book. Subscribe to my channel for more videos.

🔹These protein pancakes are quick and easy to make. You only need seven ingredients and below is the recipe:

1 1/2 cups Old-Fashioned Rolled Oats
2 scoops Vanilla Protein Powder
1/2 tablespoon of Stevia (baking formula)
1 1/2 teaspoons Baking Powder
1 1/2 teaspoons Cinnamon
1 1/2 cups Liquid Egg Whites
1/4 cup of Canned Unsweetened Pumpkin Puree

Watch the video to see how ingredients are put together to make a simple delicious protein pancake.

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🔹 Evelyn is a blogger, eating psychology coach and healthy gut advisor. She uploads videos about healthy living, self-improvement, and lifestyle.


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Video Transcription

[Music]hi everyone I’m Evelyn and I’m back withanother video in today’s video I willshow you how to make cinnamon pumpkinprotein pancakes and I got this recipefrom the stable slim here are theingredients that you need for thesepancakes rolled oats egg whites vanillaprotein powder pureed pumpkin steviabaking powder and cinnamon let’s getright into making these pancakesshall we you and the 1 and 1/2 cups ofold-fashioned oats blend it down into aflour 2 scoops of protein powder 1/2tablespoon of stevia 1 and 1/2 teaspoonsof baking powder and 1 in 1/2 teaspoonsof cinnamon these are your dryingredients and once you have all ofyour dry ingredients in the bowl youwant to mix them very well you want tomake sure that all the ingredients areblended together you don’t want to havea clump of cinnamon on one side nextwe’re going to add our liquid or wetingredients and we’re adding 1 and 1/2cups of liquid egg white and next we’regoing to add 1/4 cup of pumpkin pureeand yeah I learned this little trickright here from my grandmother just useyour finger getting in and get it all ofthe goodness out ain’t no shame in mygame y’all but once you have all of yourwet ingredients into your dryingredients you want to mix your batterand you want to make sure that all ofthat is blended very well you don’t wantto have some powder mixed up in there aclump of powder and your pancake whenyou’re cooking it you want everything tobe blended to perfection or mixed tonext get your skillet kind of hot andpour your batter I’m using about 1/4 cupof batter in this recipe and you want tomake sure you get your width of yourpancakes about three to four inches andI’m about to flip it but I’m having someissues y’all but flip your pancake andyou’re supposed to cook these pancakesfor three minutes on each side andthat’s what I’m doing here when you arecooking these pancakes you also want toknow that this batter makes about 20pancakesand so you can actually make a lot ofthese and freeze them and so what I’mdoing here is it’s making anotherpancake I’m using 1/4 cup of the batterpouring it in there and what you want toknow is when you’re cooking pancakes youwill know when to turn them over becausethey will have little bubbles in therethat’s when you know it’s time to flipthat flapjack or that pancake and so I’mletting it cook here so now I have mypancakes and I’m eating four so this isa serving size of pancakes here and I’mtopping it with maple syrupyou can top it with whatever you like Ialso added some Greek yogurt to thisthese pancakes but you won’t see that inthis video I hope you guys enjoyed thisvideo if you do make this recipe and youhave a lot left over you can just freezethem and you can use them from time totime for maybe peanut butter and jellysandwiches or whatever you want or justsnack on just for a little boost ofprotein these pancakes are really goodthey are one of the best recipes that Ihave tried for pumpkin pancakes anywaythank you so much for watching and I’llsee you in the next video bye-bye[Music]

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